Safety Bath

Feb 21, 2016

Safety Bath is a Canadian company that has been manufacturing walk-in tubs since 1992 when it invented the first model on the market and made its mark as one of the leading innovators of walk-in bathtubs today.

Inclusive Qualities

Their faucets draw at a high flow rate which allows them to fill in under 4 minutes while the rapid drain system sets its own record in just under 90 seconds. Their aluminum doors are reliable, strong, smooth to the touch and guaranteed for life. The sturdy look of their bathtub units is owed to the stainless steel frame underneath the white acrylic and fiberglass layers.

All Safety Bath walk-in tubs are fully certified, ADA-compliant, slip resistant, reliable and safe.

With high flow taps, quick draining, and quick filling, most of these models have no weight limit and can withstand 60 – 65 gallons of water.

The Latest Models

Five of their most recent models available are Panama, Panama 2, Grandeur, Fairmount, Serenity and Solo.

Panama (left) is wheelchair accessible and opens a 32” wide outward swinging door. Its beautiful chrome coated components include a grab bar positioned at the corner of the rim to assist you on entry/exit.

Panama 2 has the same tub design and door width only it is 3” narrower than Panama.

Grandeur is by far the most spacious and largest walk-in tub here since it is tailored for Bariatric individuals who the need extra room. Comfort and relaxation are what this tub is all about. With a comfortable 30” wide seat and a 32” wide outwardly swinging door, you can’t go wrong with this tub if what you're looking for is more legroom.


Fairmount is the second narrowest tub on the list. Although wider than Panama 2, it fits into traditional tub space and has a 19.5” wide inward swinging door.

Serenity (right) has an 18” outward swinging door. It feels very spacious on the inside with a seat that’s 30” wide.

So-Lo is the most economical choice on the list. It is a slip resistant full-length bath with a folding seat that also works as a transfer bench. This walk-in tub comes with Moen Posi style faucets and flexible curtain rods.

Additions and Options

Safety Bath features and options include heated seats, hydrotherapy's air and water massage systems, aromatherapy, and chromotherapy systems. Here is what you can expect from each of these features:

  • Heated seats not only keep you warm throughout the duration of the bath but they help in prolonging the water's warm temperature.
  • Warm air massage is the most hygienic therapeutic system because it purges the lines connecting the jets from mold formation which means that it requires virtually no maintenance. Patients swear by its skin cleansing qualities because of its ability to clean out the skin pores.
  • The heated water jets are controlled with high-low settings.
  • Chromotherapy and aromatherapy both induce psychological, emotional and physical states of relaxation and refreshment when you need them.


The warranties on these models offer lifetime coverage on the door seal and ten years on the bathtub shell, frame, door handle, and latching mechanism. Coverage also includes a two-year warranty on the air and water jetting systems and a limited warranty on the faucets.

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