Safe Step Walk in Tubs

Feb 11, 2016

Safe Step's walk-in tubs are characterized by a smoother appearance than most tubs. The curved corners, contoured ComfortSeat™, ergonomic door handles, grab bars, and slightly reclined backrest accent the soft look of Safe Step's models. Let's look at their safety and therapeutic features and give a rundown of each.

Safety Features

Safe Step's Safety Features

The safety features that characterize Safe Step walk-in tubs include built-in grab bars, anti-scald technology, anti-slip floor, and seat to prevent accidents; as well as a quick release drain that’s easy to turn in the case of emergencies.

More technical features include auto-gravity purge jets, a “Safe Water™” cleaning system, a strong tub shell finished with a layer of bacteria and mold resistant sanitary gel coat, wider doors, 17” ADA compliant seats and Delta® faucets, an industry leading low step-in, and an aluminum frame for solid reinforcement.

Every day, 370 seniors suffer an injury due to falls in the bathtub or shower, and 30%-50% of them report a loss in self-confidence, leading them to impose limitations on their own mobility when it's time to bathe. Some seniors can bathe and shower independently, only they feel like they're taking a big risk when they do. Safe Step's walk-in tub is here to scrap that fear and encourage a healthy, happy, and confidence-building bathing atmosphere with the following safety features:  

  • Slip-resistant floor and seat
  • Built-in grab bars
  • Anti-scald technology
  • Quick release drain
    [Learn more about draining and filling speeds of walk-in bathtubs here.]
  • Automatic purge jets*
  • Ozone sanitation system**
  • Bacteria and mold-resistant gel coat
  • Low step-in height
  • Easy-to-clean composite surface
  • Durable aluminum frame for solid reinforcement

*An automatic purge system pushes any remaining water out of the lines joining the air jets to halt aqueous bacteria from forming.

**An Ozone system disinfects harmful microorganisms, keeping your walk-in bathtub clean and hygienic. For more information on Ozone sanitation systems, click here.

Safe Step's Therapeutic Features

Therapeutic Features

Safe Step offers an extensive list of choices to be included in your walk-in tub related to physical therapy, safety, and convenience. Their therapeutic features include hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, and a personal hygiene bidet for those “hard-to-reach” areas.


The 10 built-in hydro-jets - activated with push-button controls - on Safe Step's hydrotherapy models are strategically located to target the main back and leg muscle groups to improve your quality of life in a soothing and relaxing fashion. Six are situated for the back while the remaining four are for the front and back leg muscles.

Click here to learn more about hydrotherapy, and here to know which diseases it treats.


Safe Step's chromotherapy system features two LEDs to enhance your bathing experience with warm and cool colors that achieve therapeutic effects. Gauging those effects depends on your use of each of the spectrum's six colors; warm colors (red, yellow, and orange) are used to trigger feelings of excitement, and mental and emotional arousal; while cool colors (violet, blue and green) are meant to elicit relaxation and comfort. You will see instant results when you enhance your bathing experience with one of Safe Step's models' augmentation of chromatherapy, such as better sleeping habits, a healthier diet, better hygiene, and happier bathing.

To get a better understanding of the benefits of chromatherapy, visit this page

Awards & Partners

With overwhelmingly positive reviews from and a 5-star customer rating on, Safe Step is one of America’s leading walk-in tub manufacturers with designated service locations in the U.S. and Canada. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, an ease-of-use commendation by the Arthritis Foundation, and a history of partnering up with organizations such as the American Seniors Association and Philips Lifeline in enhancing the lives of seniors. Apart from being moderately priced and of high-quality material, their models have earned them the Gold Star Award as well as the status of “2013 Walk-in Tub of the Year” by and

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