Hydro Dimensions Walk-In Tubs

Feb 03, 2016

Hydro Dimensions’ method of construction is characterized by a stainless steel frame supported by six leveling legs within the tub’s body to improve the tub’s durability and weight capacity. Hydro Dimensions’ walk-in bathtubs are applied with a fiberglass cloth shell -  a material used for boats because of its very strong, corrosion resistant fabric.

Below you can find brief descriptions of two of their best models and how they might be of use to you and your bathing needs.

The HD Series 2645

The HD Series 2645

With its glossy gel coat finish flashing from its sturdy one-piece constructed surface, the 2645 model is a small tub designed for small spaces. The operation of the receding door cleverly allows access without taking legroom away from the bather. The door pivots open and shut from a moving flap that rests on the hinges. This style of operation is in keeping with the minimal design of the tub in terms of making the best out of what little space there is. A small corner or bathroom stall is enough space to house this model, whether as a simple soaker or a hydrotherapy machine.

The HD Specialty Series 3052W

The HD Specialty Series 3052W

The L shape of the 3052W's door is to reveal the seat and backrest directly once the door is opened. This makes sliding on from the wheelchair to the seat a lot easier for a wheelchair-bound user, and it maintains their independence. Once inside, the bather can enjoy almost a 29" wide spacious interior. Other than the main drain, this model includes a secondary door drain that’s there to catch any leaks should they squeeze through to keep your bathroom floor safe and clear from any mess.

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The 5.5" low step-in height can further be reduced when its time to install the tub in your bathroom. The process involves fixing the floor of the bathroom in such a way that the bathtub "sinks" lower, shortening the distance between the entrance and floor. 

Features & Luxuries

Hydro Dimensions gives you two kinds of options: to choose between 13 gel-coat fiberglass models and 25 premium limestone models. Their safety grab bars are built-in. A sure-LOCK tub door latch system makes sure the walk-in tub is fastened shut, and their wall-to-wall filler panels extend to 60 inches.

They also offer accessories to upgrade current bathtubs, and custom jetting packages that can be added to current hydrotherapy or dual-therapy tubs. Their walk-in tub includes a hand-held shower and a faucet made of chrome, as well as the classic, cable operated polished chrome waste and overflow.

Hydro Dimensions gives retailers and contractors extensive configuration options. The optional system features include hydro massage therapy, air massage, and the dual massage feature. The hydro massage therapy feature comprises of 5 water jets, an automatic purge cycle, and an electronic control panel. The air massage also includes an electronic control panel and features 20 premium air jets. The dual massage therapy, on the other hand, is made up of both these systems’ features: five water jets, 20 premium air jets, an automatic purge cycle, and an electronic control panel, giving you more utility and a wider range of options to enjoy.

An Innovator

The founders of Hydro Dimensions have extensive experience in the industry. They designed hydrotherapy and tub accessories – faucets, whirlpool systems and arm bars - for bathtub companies in the early part of their career from 1983 and onwards. It was 1993 when they founded their own company that later became known as Hydro Dimensions. Teaming up with Safety Tubs in 2002 to help them design their own walk-in bathtubs, they integrated Custom Hydro Massage Systems which were so successful that they became the industry’s standard.

Hydro Dimensions can answer to orders of all market segments, including levels of mass production, due to their flexible manufacturing resources. They do not, however, sell walk-in tubs directly to the public. They sell only to licensed contractors and authorized dealers upon agreement. Hydro Dimensions generates good reviews made up of a 79.8%, 5-star rating, by users on Consumer Affairs’ website.

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