Premier Care Walk-in Tubs

Feb 11, 2016

Premier Care in Bathing provides a host of walk-in tubs to customers seeking luxurious and safety-oriented products that are customizable and stylish. Commended by the Arthritis Foundation for their easy-to-use models, Premier Care in Bathing is an industry leader and an innovator in safe bathing products and has continued to deliver on their Premier Care Promise to meet the needs of seniors, the disabled, and veterans who want their bathing independence back.

"We purchased the walk-in tub for an elder handicapped family member. We have been happy with the tub. It really is wonderful.” – Edith of Walworth, NY

The Cove & the Oasis

Premier Care in Bathing offer customers both compact and large walk-in tubs with contoured seats. Compact walk-in bathtubs offer the same variety of features that large sized tubs include at a fraction of the size. Smaller isn't always less, whether you want to up the asking price of your home or want a bathtub loaded with hydrotherapy and other features. The left-handed Cove compact model is 38.5 inches long and 26 inches wide, which is almost half the size of a traditional bathtub with a lot more features. This model is ideal for small bathrooms and can easily occupy half baths.

For more on the sizes of walk-in tubs, click here.

The Oasis is another compact walk-in tub that takes the same amount of space as the Cove but has more water depth to offer. Unlike the Cove, it has an outward swinging door and a canopy that transforms this nifty innovation into a more traditional bathtub that comes equipped with an adjustable showerhead hung on wall-mounted riser rails. A stand-up shower, soaker, and hydrotherapy massager all bundled into one without feeling cluttered - now that's quality.

The Laguna

Large or oversized walk-in tubs offered by Premier Care give you the extra room you need to match your body measurements for more legroom and water depth. The Laguna soaker, for example, is built for luxury and can be customized for a left-handed or right-handed user. Fitted with a 27-inch door, the Laguna walk-in tub measures 33" wide and 54" long. Sufficient room for when you’re in the deep relaxing ambiance of its air massage system. No safety measures are compromised for the sake of luxury as the Laguna comes with anti-scald water controls to prevent burns and a low step-in height for ease of mobility.

All Premier Care's models include all of the safety features that most walk-in tubs share as a standard. Learn more about what these safety features are here.

Warranty Information

Their warranty coverage extends to 10 years on the tub body and components. The door and seal are covered with a lifetime warranty.

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