Bliss Walk-in Tubs

Feb 11, 2016

Bliss Walk-in Tubs

Bliss Tubs sort their walk-in tubs into five categories that consist of space saver models, extra-large models, wheelchair accessible models, specialty models, and the most popular models. The different sizes and designs fall into these five categories.

Space Saver Models

Space Saver Models

Bliss Tubs offer space saving models that are compact, convenient, and able to fit through 26” – 28” doors. The width of their seats ranges between 17.5” and 20” while having a weight capacity of 170-200lbs.

The B2651 model has most of the safety features you would expect, including a 6.25" high step-in, sturdy tub interior, left/right door orientation and drain location, and ergonomic handles.

The tub is 26" wide and 51" long, but it fits in traditional tub space using the extension panels (included with every Bliss tub as a standard). 

Extra-Deep Models

Aren't able to submerge your body in water for a therapeutic soak? Bliss Tubs’ extra-deep B305546 model will exceed your expectations. Taller seniors looking for a comfortable tub they could soak their entire bodies in will love these extra-deep models. They can be as wide as 35” and 60” long - long enough for a perfect fit in conventional tub space.

Learn more about the medical benefits of soaking here.

Wheelchair Accessible Models

Wheelchair Accessible Models

Wheelchair accessible models, such as the B3052HC, help wheelchair-bound bathers enter the tub more easily using the "slide-in" method since the seat and backrest are readily exposed from the door's opening. The bather can just pull themselves from the easy-to-reach grab bars, slide inside the seat, shut the door, and rest against the slightly reclined backrest. 

Apart from the extra safety measures taken with these models, they offer more leg room and comfortable interior. Wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs are composed of slide-in tubs and wide slide-in tubs that come with outward-swinging doors and with 22” - 23” wide seats designed to eliminate the difficulties mobility-challenged bathers face.

Option Massage Systems

Any walk-in tub of your choice can include one of the following three hydrotherapy massage systems (sold separately):

  • Air massage system: Made up of 18 ultra-quiet air jets, the air massage system cleanses and rejuvenates the body using the minuscule sizes of the bubbles to flush your skin pores from any toxins, making you feel more relaxed in the midst of a very gentle massage.
  • Whirlpool massage system: Using 10 ultra-quiet, adjustable water jets, the water massage feature increases the blood flow in your body to reach those muscles and joints that need accelerated healing. 
  • Dual-hydrotherapy massage system: This feature incorporates both systems of hydrotherapy in one of the walk-in tubs of your choice, improving its vitality and your quality of life.

Warranties and Company Information

All Bliss walk-in bathtubs enjoy 10 years of warranty coverage on the door seal and tub body, and 2 years on all other components to ensure customer satisfaction.

Bliss Tubs was founded in 2008 offering safety products and services to seniors, earning them an A+ BBB-rating, a seal of approval by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), recognition by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), and accreditation by the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC). For more on noteworthy accreditations of walk-in tubs, click here.

All Bliss models are built in the U.S.A., and their customer and technical support team are available seven days a week.

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