What You Get with Us

Safety Design Features

The most crucial safety design features come standard with any unit you choose, such as a low step-up, wide door, easy-to-reach grab bars, wheelchair accessibility, and much more.

Reliable Contractors

We’ll connect you with top walk-in tub contractors when you complete our form – Contractors will give you free consultation, free estimate, and extensive warranty terms for long lasting support.

Therapeutic Benefits

Hydrotherapy - known for its extensive list of health benefits – chromotherapy, and aromatherapy can all be included in your walk-in tub of choice for your comfort and independence.

Affordable Prices

No matter what your budget is, we’ll find the right contractor who’s willing to assemble and install the unit in any sized bathroom. Simply fill out our form and get exclusive prices instantly.

More About Walk-In Tubs

Diseases, Illnesses, And Disabilities That Greatly Benefit From Walk In Tubs

In therapy Nov 28, 2017

Walk-in tubs are not designed for seniors only; there are many illnesses, diseases, and disabilities that can be managed easier and better with the use of a walk-in tub.


Legs Only Massage Benefits For Diabetic Seniors

In therapy May 02, 2016

It is estimated that diabetics with nerve damage affecting the feet make up 60% to 70% of all diabetic patients. Foot-related peripheral neuropathy causes patients to lose sensation in the feet. The dangers lie in the possibility of developing infections or even ulcers...


Walk In Tubs: Treatment Of Diseases

In therapy Feb 11, 2016

The Significance of Bathing on Our History Bathing finds its roots in history, so much so that many cultures are paid homage for innovations made in this practice, like the Hammam Al Andalus bath in Granada, Spain, or the baths from ancient Rome erected in places like...