Therapeutic Options of Walk-in Tubs

Feb 16, 2016

Therapeutic Options of Walk-in Tubs

Apart from the walk-in bathtub's standard features (soaking, safety features, and others), personalizing your walk-in tub involves enhancing your model of choice with a few upgrades that include the therapeutic systems. These systems are hydrotherapy, dual hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, and aromatherapy.

Air Massage

Air Massage

Hydrotherapy’s air jets is the way to go if what you want is a soothing and cleansing massage. This feature's Micro-Nano bubbles are so small that they can enter your skin pores and make way for toxins to escape out of them. Micro-Nano bubbles cleanse the area by having a negative charge which attracts the dead skin cells out of the pores, leaving you feeling healthier and rejuvenated.

Click here for more information on hydrotherapy's air and water massage systems. 

Water Massage

Hydrotherapy water jets, on the other hand, provide a deeper and more concentrated massage for muscles and joints. If you’re exhibiting arthritis or other joint and muscle problems, you would benefit greatly from this feature as it alleviates pain by making the joints and muscles more flexible to movement.

Water buoyancy is a quality of water which decreases the force that gravity has on your body by 90%, lifting the pressure from areas that need time to heal. Read more on the benefits of this quality and how it's used in soaking to heal the body and mind.



Chromotherapy uses colored LED lights built into the basin of the walk-in tub to bring about a desired psychological and physical effect. You can choose between warm colors and cool colors that have distinct psychological and physical outcomes. Cool colors are relaxing agents that help you feel calm while warm colors are there to stimulate your body and mind, and both of these types of colors serve different functions which you can use to steer your day in the direction that you want to go.

Learn more on what distinguishes certain colors from each other and how chromotherapy can help you.


Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from flowers, vines, leaves and other plants as essences to help stimulate or relax the body and mind, the choice of which essence is up to you. Autumn air, tropical, fall wreathe and many other blends personalize your bathing experience and transform your walk-in tub into the blissful abode that it is. 

Click here for more information on aromatherapy's different blends and method of use.

Dual Hydrotherapy Systems

Dual hydrotherapy systems don’t offer anything new in terms of therapy, but they give you the choice of combining more than one type of hydrotherapy with another. With the number of water and air jets of your choice in place, you have more control over how therapeutically effective the time you spend in your walk-in tub will be.

Get the most out of your walk-in bathtub and enhance your quality of life, whether through treatment of a disease or pure relaxation.

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