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Walk-in Tub Warranties

Knowledge is Power

Industry leaders of walk-in tubs provide customers with lifelong coverage on either all or most of the walk-in tub components, including the door seal. Always register your product on your manufacturer’s website or over the phone to activate your warranty and get the best possible service out of it. One way to confirm if your walk-in tub manufacturer uses quality material to construct the tub is to look at their warranty guidelines and see what they cover [examples included in Table 1]. No business in its right mind would try and offer a warranty that exceeds the time threshold of its product’s life, Therefore, knowledge is power, and you should make an effort to understand your company’s warranty guidelines to take advantage of their services and to feel secure about the product. The more years a warranty covers, the higher the quality of construction material it took to build your model.

Waiving a Warranty

Keep in mind that a walk-in bathtub manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any secondary expenses resulting from removing or replacing adjoining materials such as ceilings, marble, wall panels, pipelines, tile etc. Incidental damages are not grounds for liability on the part of the manufacturer. Installation instructions come with every manufacturer’s walk-in bath tub, therefore, any defects or damages accumulated at the time of improper installation - lifting the bathtub by the piping, modification, and careless handling – waives the warranty’s terms on coverage. This is why it is always better to avoid common installers and let professionals designated by the manufacturer install the walk-in bathtub for you.

While leading walk-in bathtub companies have long-lasting warranties, it still applies that the terms of coverage on the tub shell, faucets, and door seal which are exceeded relinquish the manufacturer from any liability to repair or replace any of what was covered within that stated period.

Five Facts about Warranty Coverages of Walk-in Tubs

  1. A walk-in tub company with good customer reviews is usually a leader in warranty coverage and services.
  2. Warranties are waived once the terms period is exceeded.
  3. Installation defects waive any compensation terms in the event that an undesignated person tries to install the unit.
  4. Check and inform yourself of what it is walk-in tub companies' warranties cover, and for what duration.
  5. Warranties that cover walk-in tubs for a long period of time indicate the confidence that a manufacturer has in the quality of their build.

Table 1 - Warranty Coverage from Leading Walk-in Tub Manufacturers

  Blisstubs American Standard Safe Steps Hypered Dimentions

Door Seal

10-Year Coverage

Lifetime Coverage

Lifetime Coverage

Lifetime Coverage

Tub Body

10-Year Coverage

15-Year Coverage

Lifetime Coverage

Lifetime Coverage

All Other Components

2-Year Coverage

10-Year Coverage

Lifetime Coverage

10-Year Coverage


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