Walk-in Tubs for Veterans Who Need Them

Feb 11, 2016

Walk-in Tubs for Veterans Who Need Them

There are almost 24 million military veterans in the United States, made up of six million who are disabled, and 3.5 million who are seniors over the age of 65. Unfortunately, our country’s senior veterans usually find themselves living according to somebody else's schedule, be it in their own homes or worse, living in a facility that's far removed from the concept.

Showering/bathing is part of a basic daily routine that becomes increasingly difficult for a senior, especially when they're handicapped. Walk-in tubs help seniors regain their independence and mobility when it comes to bathing as a result of their safety and therapeutic features.

The Three Veteran Aid Programs

VA aid, Home Modification Grants, and the Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services (VD-HCBS) are programs that help in covering the costs of walk-in tubs for those who need them. Keep in mind that you have to be a veteran yourself to get some use out of these programs, although exceptions can vary in the case of you having a close veteran relative.

The Three Veteran Aid Programs
  • With the VD-HCBS program, you can allocate some of the allowances you get toward a walk-in tub purchase. Having proof of a real need will give you more flexibility to spend more of the allowance you receive to cut down the cost.
  • The VA Aid and Attendance, Housebound and other Pensions view walk-in bathtubs as unreimbursed medical cost, which means that the amount you pay on a model will be spent from your pocket but that exact amount is added to your pension.
  • There are three Home Modification Grants but only one of them will help veterans in your situation the most and that is the Home Improvements and Structural Alterations Grant (HISA). Provided that your disability is the result of your military service, you can get an allowance to purchase and install a walk-in tub in your home.

Because walk-in tubs rarely qualify as "durable medical equipment" - as per Medicaid’s guidelines - other insurance/coverage options help veterans in acquiring the equipment they need to regain some control over their lives, free from a caregiver. 

Domestic spaces to seniors and veterans mean convenience, comfort, safety, cleanliness, and easy-to-reach utilities. Some veterans that run walk-in tub companies initially banded together to innovate and meet the needs of their fellow brothers and sisters out of a spirit of caring. The walk-in tub is built to ensure that little to no help from a guardian is necessary while maintaining the quality of the bath itself for a happy and fulfilling experience.

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