Walk-In Tubs: Treatment of Diseases

Feb 11, 2016

Walk-In Tubs: Treatment of Diseases
The Significance of Bathing on Our History

The Significance of Bathing on Our History

Bathing finds its roots in history, so much so that many cultures are paid homage for innovations made in this practice, like the Hammam Al Andalus bath in Granada, Spain, or the baths from ancient Rome erected in places like Bath, England, and many other places where the communal bathing sites built many centuries ago are preserved and reconstructed to be used today as a result of their healthy, natural ability to improve the quality of life of locals and visitors to this day.

What to Expect from the Therapeutic Benefits

With proper use of hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, and aromatherapy you can find relief of the pain and ailments that accompany diseases and aging.  Here are but a few improvements you can expect that can fight off certain diseases and ailments of aging:

  • Water buoyancy relieves muscle and joint pains.
  • Hydrostatic pressure decreases swelling.
  • Muscles and bones become more flexible for movement.


Sitting in warm water reduces the weight of the body by 90%, which takes pressure away from the muscles and joints, and treats and soothes any muscle or joint related pain. Learn more about soaking here.

Hydrotherapy air jets soothe high blood pressure, rheumatism, and diabetes. The air jets release tiny air bubbles to catch and remove dead skin cells and toxins trapped in those hard to reach skin pores, leaving you with healthy, younger looking skin.

Hydrotherapy water jets dilate blood vessels and allow for better circulation to reach sore muscles that need it for the physiological repair and a host of other benefits that treat illnesses like arthritis and Alzheimer's. Water jets provide you with a deeper, stronger massage that focuses on your joint pains and sore muscles, making you feel more relaxed and able to carry on with your day.

For more information on hydrotherapy, click here.


Soaking in warm water has been shown to soften the muscles and joints to such an extent that patients report better quality of movement afterward. The water buoyancy helps to alleviate the body of some of the gravitational forces, improving blood circulation and accelerating healing of swellings inflammations in the process.

Using Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) that are rich in magnesium help in delivering the much-needed substance to your bones. Just pour the crystals in your bath and enjoy the rest of your hydrotherapy.


Diabetic patients who can't feel certain parts of their feet need to be careful around warm water submersion, in general. They should always use their wrists to test the temperature of the water before soaking their feet to protect them from scalding.

A legs-only massage feature is included with some walk-in tubs as an instant relief for tibial pain (in patients that can feel their feet), and to encourage better sleeping habits, healthier diets, and improved circulation. Click here for more information on legs-only massage systems for diabetics.


Hydrotherapy eases agitation in Alzheimer's disease patients.

Walk-in tubs ease the process of access for them by having a low-threshold entrance, grab bars, and fast filling and draining times while making them feel like they're in control.

The Heart

Studies have shown that being submerged in water helped patients with cardiovascular problems achieve a healthier quality of life. The water does this by lowering the heart rate while using the cardiac cycle to its advantage to give the heart the healthy diastolic exercise it needs.

Chromotherapy & Aromatherapy

Chromotherapy & Aromatherapy

Chromotherapy uses LED lights to set the tone for a color that permeates the pool and glows against the walls of your bathroom, making for a beautiful, colorful experience that can either stimulate or relax the body and mind with the use of warm and cool colors. Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from flowers, leaves, and other plants to release a scent or fragrant that’s intended to help relax or stimulate your body when needed.

Consult with your physician and gather information on how the walk-in tub’s therapeutic features can improve your health and wellbeing. The walk-in tub’s therapeutic capabilities are carefully thought out by manufacturers to ensure that you get the best spa treatment in a home setting that money can buy.

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