Legs Only Massage Benefits for Diabetic Seniors

May 02, 2016

Legs Only Massage Benefits for Diabetic Seniors
Legs Only Massage Benefits for Diabetic Seniors

It is estimated that diabetics with nerve damage affecting the feet make up 60% to 70% of all diabetic patients. Foot-related peripheral neuropathy causes patients to lose sensation in the feet. The dangers lie in the possibility of developing infections or even ulcers without the patient ever realizing it. Therefore, inspecting the feet every day for any damage becomes highly critical.

A few home remedies to boost healing and prevent infections from happening in the future include soaking the feet in warm water. Luckily, some walk-in bathtubs are built with the added feature of a legs-only soak tailored for diabetic seniors. 

This article will demonstrate to you the benefits of soaking for diabetics, what to do and what not to do to achieve results, and a model with the legs-only soak feature.

Walk-in tubs with this feature can be found in Home Depot and Lowe's stores at affordable prices from brands like American Standard, and Comfort Walk-In Tubs whose unique model will be included below.

Comfort Walk-In Tubs

Comfort Walk-In Tubs

Comfort has an excellent BBB rating and a bestselling model for diabetic seniors. Where other tubs average around fifteen minutes to fill, Comfort's A1A walk-in bathtub, the Ultimate, takes only four-and-a-half minutes to fill, and an astonishing eighty seconds to drain.

This tub meets all the safety standards that you would expect: anti-slip floor, low-threshold entry of under six inches, safety bars, ergonomic handles, and an ADA-compliant seat. These features and more allow diabetic seniors to stay true to their bathing independence.

Diabetics can use the legs-only massage feature on the A1A as well as other features that center around convenience within the comfort of their homes. These features include:

  • The legs only massage system deactivates all the water and air jets above knee-level and allows the nozzles below to be directed and adjusted according to the patient's desired direction and pressure. This eliminates the need to fill the entire tub and shaves valuable minutes when compared to traditional bathtubs.
  • Hydro and air massage: When the tub is filled within four-and-a-half minutes, the bather can enjoy the dual massage system and relax in the slightly reclined seat. The air bubble massage cleanses the body from any toxins lodged in the skin while the whirlpool massage provides a deep massage of the muscles to help the body relax.
  • The in-line water heater keeps your bath warm for as long as you need it.
  • Six adjustable leveling legs to make cleaning of the underside easier, adjust the height of the tub, and to slightly alter the height of the of step-in.
  • The auto-purge system and Ozone generator to keep your tub hygienic for everyday use.
The Therapeutic Benefits for Diabetics

The Therapeutic Benefits for Diabetics

Diabetics improve their current quality of life and prevent any further damage from happening in the future when they use the legs-only massage feature in a number of ways.

  • Instant relief: Diabetics who haven't lost sensation in the foot and feel regular tibial pain can use the legs-only massage feature to accelerate healing. All doctors agree that soaking the feet can immediately relieve pain for diabetic patients.
  • Improved blood circulation: Better blood circulation means that more blood is reaching those parts of the foot that need faster healing. 
  • Better sleep: A warm water soak promotes sounder sleeping habits due to the warmer internal body temperature.
  • Water buoyancy: Thanks to a reduced force of gravity when immersed in water, the patient's heart can work less to achieve better circulation and body temperature regulation.
  • Healthy weight loss: Studies have shown that soaking in warm water promotes weight loss without drastic changes in the diet. 

More on the benefits of soaking can be found here.

What to Do and What Not to Do

If you keep the three reminders of soaking in mind, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of legs only systems without the help of caregivers.

  • The ideal duration for a soak: When it comes to full body immersion, diabetics should not stay in a hot tub for longer than 20 - 30 minutes as it may cause dehydration and irregular levels of homeostasis once the body leaves the water. As long as you time yourself, you'll be gaining the benefits of soaking without it posing a threat to your health.
  • Water temperature: Diabetics who can't feel their feet need to make sure of the water temperature by checking with their wrists to avoid skin burns. 
  • Lotion: A legs-only massage can cause the skin to form cracks and risk infection as a consequence of the water's natural softening properties. To avoid this, diabetics should always dry their feet including the areas between the toes and apply lotion every time they're done with a soak. This method allows the diabetic to enjoy the benefits of a warm soak without risking any damage to their feet.

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