Walk-in Tubs’ Hydrotherapy: Air and Water

Feb 03, 2016

Walk-in Tubs’ Hydrotherapy: Air and Water
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Stress has negative repercussions on your daily life by changing your attitude, work productivity, health, and outlook on life in general. According to a national survey released in 2007, “One-third of Americans are living with extreme stress and nearly half of Americans believe that their stress has increased over the past five years. Stress is taking a toll on people - contributing to health problems, poor relationships and lost productivity at work.”

Stress is not the only culprit responsible for encouraging health problems and unhappiness. Acne, arthritis, depression, migraines, sleep disorders, and other physical and mental conditions contribute greatly to depreciating one's quality of life.

Hydrotherapy has been known to counter these ailments and diseases since Ancient Greece, whose baths are still being maintained and replicated to this day. For more information on hydrotherapy's treatment of diseases, click here.

The Walk-in Tubs’ Therapeutic Versatility: An Introduction


Among the physical therapies that walk-in tubs have to offer are hydrotherapy’s air and water massage systems. The air jets cover your whole body with bubbles to massage and soothe it to a state of relaxation. The water jets circulate water instead and they provide a more pressurized massage than air jets. Stronger isn’t always better as some people who bruise easily will prefer air jets to water jets because they're more gentle and soothing. It has so many benefits that it is often prescribed by the NHS to help ease and treat many diseases.

In short, hydrotherapy:

  • detoxifies the skin and removes waste,
  • relaxes tense muscles,
  • improves blood circulation,
  • gives the heart a healthy diastolic exercise,
  • accelerates healing of bruised muscles and joints, and
  • heightens the rate of the body's metabolism and encourages a healthier diet.


Soaking reduces the body's weight by 90%, allowing it to experience buoyancy by applying less stress on the muscles and joints, and encouraging patients with limited mobility to widen their body's range of motion. This pushes seniors to be more active and mobile in their daily life, which pays off in the form of more independence and self-determination.

Soaking is obviously a standard feature with all walk-in tubs, only with the aid of the safety equipment that's built into their very design. To learn more about the therapeutic benefits of soaking, click here

Hydrotherapy Air Jets

Hydrotherapy Air Jets

The pulsating air bubbles coming from the air jets oxygenate and rejuvenate the skin by using their minuscule size to pull out toxins stuck in the skin pores. These Micro-Nano bubbles are one-thousandth the size of a typical air pocket - small enough to latch on to excess keratin and dead cells. Air massage improves blood circulation, soothes arthritis, neuropathy, the flu, chest colds, cramps, and stress. They always come with high/low control settings to increase/decrease the intensity of the massage while you sit back and relax. Air jets are very low maintenance because they don’t use water pipes and don’t form bacteria in the process. A common problem with air jets is that they cool the water too quickly. A solution to this is to connect them to a heated blower that works to keep the bubbles hot and the water temperature warm for the duration of your bath.

Hydrotherapy Water Jets

Hydrotherapy Water Jets

Hot tubs must be completely full before turning on the water jets. The positioning of air jets within the tub does not make a difference to their performance, which is what sets them apart from water jets that need a focal point (i.e. ankles and knees). In terms of the dermal benefits, the warm water will cause your skin pores to open up. This process releases sweat, oil, and other toxins and leaves you with healthier and younger looking skin. These jets can act as coolants because they’re circulating the same water in the tub, which is why an in-line water heater is used.

Take Charge of Your Health

Taking the appropriate measures to help yourself relax improves your outlook on life because you know you can rely on yourself, which empowers your sense of independence and overall quality of life. The walk-in tub provides you with the therapeutic benefits that you would normally get at a spa, only in the comfort of your own home. Act now and fill out our form to get a free and instant quote!

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