Dual Hydrotherapy Walk-in Tubs

Feb 11, 2016

Dual Hydrotherapy Walk-in Tubs

Dual hydrotherapy walk-in tubs optimize what little space they may have and create a therapeutic and soothing bathing experience for all users. They are often referred to as dual massage walk-in tubs and are fitted with chrome air and water jets that can work in unison or solo. Dual hydrotherapy refers to walk-in tubs that have two hydro massage systems (air and water). They may include other therapeutic features which are not hydrotherapeutic like chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

The Benefits

Some illnesses and conditions are better treated with one effective method of hydrotherapy while others require two or more methods of hydrotherapy. The dual massage walk-in tub includes air and water massage, designed to accommodate the needs of seniors that need two or more forms of physical therapies to soothe those ailments.

The Benefits

An example of a disease that can use more than one type of hydrotherapy is diabetes. Diabetics benefit greatly from soaking in water, relaxing in air bubbles, and being massaged with whirlpool jets. These kinds of hydrotherapy stimulate blood flow, heal damaged muscles and joints from bumps and bruises, promote better eating, and improve a person's outlook on life. More specific to diabetics is the legs-only massage feature which is included with many walk-in tub models. For more information on the legs-only massage feature, click here

Insomnia, fibrosis, poor circulation, hemorrhoids, arthritis, stress, colds, and the flu are all treatable by one or more massage systems that walk-in tubs have to offer. These tubs are sometimes called dual hydrotherapy walk-in tubs, but they’re not all restricted to two features of air and water massage, you can order walk-in tubs with multiple therapeutic features built by companies like American Standard, Safe Step, Bliss Tubs, and Premier Care sold at your local Home Depot and Lowe's stores.

Learn more about walk-in tubs' treatment of diseases and therapeutic benefits.

Chromotherapy (Optional Feature)

Chromotherapy uses color intensity coming from an LED built into the basin to create an effect that either stimulates or relaxes the body and mind. Cool colors such as blue, green and purple relax the senses and are used for treating insomnia, relieving tension and slowing the rate of breathing. Warm colors, on the other hand, use red, yellow and orange as stimulants, making them ideal for increasing muscle tone, blood pressure, and respiration.

Aromatherapy (Optional Feature)

The last type of therapy that can be included in multi-therapeutic walk-in tubs is aromatherapy, which uses natural or essential oils extracted from flowers, leaves, and other plants to create scents or fragrances. The smell of essential oils can help relax or stimulate the brain which is why this lost art has a long history of therapeutic benefits.

Hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, and aromatherapy have all proven benefits for the mind and body, making the walk-in tub’s bathing experience unlike any other. Some senior users get a walk-in tub for one, two or a host of conditions that need regular home treatment without the help of a guardian. Your local Home Depot has walk-in tubs with any combination of the features of your choice for a bargain.

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