Aromatherapy: Walk-in Tubs’ Therapeutic Gift

Feb 03, 2016

Aromatherapy: Walk-in Tubs’ Therapeutic Gift

The walk-in tub incorporates aromatherapy as one of its therapeutic features to widen the vistas of your relaxation and comfort, as well as your emotional and physical well-being. The range of fragrances and essential oils make for an unforgettable bathing experience within the comfort of your own home.

The walk-in tub incorporates aromatherapy


Testable and Repeatable

A clinical study performed in 2005 by PDQ’s Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine Editorial Board found that “two weeks after the massage… a statistically significant reduction in anxiety in the aromatherapy massage group and an improvement in symptoms,” as well as a “reduction in blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate.”

The Variety of Essential Oils

The Variety of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy helps you sleep significantly better and reduces the level of depression. Mixing a carrier oil with an essential oil decreases anxiety. Aromatherapy reduces blood pressure and creates a relaxing mood for users. For instance, lavender oil has relaxing properties and is suitable for those suffering from anxiety or stress. Essences of cypress, juniper or lemon are used for better circulation which makes them useful for swellings or sore muscles. Any trouble with digestion can be improved with rosemary or thyme essential oil and they both rejuvenate and energize your body if you’re lacking energy in the morning.

Combine Different Therapies to Fit Your Needs

The walk-in tub has the adaptability to transform a simple hydrotherapy session by combining it with aromatherapy. Within the comfort of your home, you can enjoy the beautifully scented chamomile and the experience of the air bubble massage, both working in unison to dissolve all your anxiety and troubles away while enhancing your overall outlook on the days ahead.

Premier Care in Bathing is one of the walk-in tub companies that offer this feature as an option for anyone who needs it. The surface of their walk-in tub is oil-resistant, making the aromatherapy feature a low-maintenance addition.

Premier Care in Bathing

How It Works

The technical specifications of the aromatherapy feature comprise of an on/off button located on the same keypad along with your air and water controls, a polished chrome diffuser that’s mounted on the rim, an air pump with high/low settings, and a check-valve which separates the water from infiltrating the pump. Flowers, roots, leaves and other plants are used to extract natural oils that have a wide variety of pleasant fragrances. The aromatherapy system works by placing a drop of any of these essential oils into a container that’s filled with water. The air coming from the pump carries the scent and permeates it in all directions through the diffusion cap to create the desired effect.

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