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Chromotherapy: A Senior Tubs’ Therapeutic Feature

The walk-in tubs therapeutic features include all the essentials of hydrotherapy (air and water), chromotherapy (light) and aromatherapy. A common misconception people have about physical therapy, in general, is that they think it makes for a very little practical impact on their overall health, reducing it to something a person rarely does and casting it aside as something pleasurable but not important to health, despite evidence to the contrary.

The Benefits of Chromotherapy

The Benefits of Chromotherapy

A 2005 research study, A Critical Analysis of Chromotherapy and Its Scientific Evolution, had this to say about this technique: “Physiologically, affective responses of subjects revealed that warm colors were useful in arousing those troubled with reactive depression or neurasthenia. They increased muscle tone or blood pressure in hypertensive individuals. Cool colors elicited the reverse affective responses in all of the same tests. Anxious subjects were actually calmed by these cooler colors, from the viewpoint of clinical psychology.”

The Colors and Their Functions
Color Function
Warm Colors Red  Improves circulation and allegedly promotes the production of red blood cells.
Orange  Enthusiastically charged color and a sexual stimulant. Thought to heal stomach digestion pains.
Yellow  Thought to have antibacterial qualities, it is a stimulant to both the digestive and lymphatic systems.
Cool Colors Green  A calming agent with antibacterial and antiseptic effects that's sometimes used in treating ulcers.
Blue  Thought to encourage knowledge and social behavior, this color is sometimes used to treat liver conditions.
Violet  Allegedly promotes spiritual awakening and enlightenment, this color is a relaxant for the muscles and nervous systems.

The Lost Art

Chromotherapy (Chroma being the Greek word for color), sometimes called light therapy, is a method of using colors from the visible light spectrum to treat or cure diseases. Chromotherapy is seen as a controversial topic because many have not experienced it themselves, even with the evidence to support this lost art. This therapeutic feature is not always a standard for walk-in tubs and will require a request on the part of the customer or retailer.

How Do Walk-in Tubs Use Chromotherapy?

How Do Walk-in Tubs Use Chromotherapy?

A walk-in tub pronounces these colors in the form of LED lights that sit on the sides and floor of its basin. While you soak yourself in luxury, the walk-in tub’s LED system works to create a desired psychological effect by the push of a button. Walk-in tubs with this feature come with a brochure that lists the colors and their corresponding effects.

Warm colors (your reds, yellows, and oranges) are stimulants, increasing blood pressure and hypertension, as well as muscle tone and the rate of breaths you take. Cool colors (green, blue and purple) act as relaxing agents, and work in reverse to warm colors by relieving tension, soothing the muscles, treating insomnia and lowering your rate of breathing. How you choose to benefit from them depends on your needs. For example, if you’ve been having trouble sleeping then a cool color should be your best option to prepare and ease your mind and body for a healthy night’s sleep.

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