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Ten Features of Walk-in Tubs

The customizability of walk-in tubs has allowed them to take on many shapes and forms loaded with a number of features that help seniors enjoy a stress-free bath.

  1. Many shapes and sizes.
    A variety of shapes and sizes to choose from to better accommodate bariatric patients that need the extra room, severely immobile seniors that need the extra assistance, and tall individuals that need deeper soakers for a deeper water submersion.
  2. Hydrotherapy’s air and water massagers.
    Apart from soaking being the standard therapeutic feature for all walk-in tubs, add-ons like air and water massagers alleviate pain in the joints and muscles and help the body achieve a wider range of motion.
  3. Chromotherapy and aromatherapy.
    With the use of colored LEDs and different fragrances, walk-in tubs give you the choice to relax or energize your body and mind. 
  4. Touchpad control panel.
    The hydrotherapy jets, LEDs, jet settings, heated seat and backrests, and safety switches are all controlled from an easy-to-reach control panel.
  5. Acrylic and fiberglass.
    Both tub shell materials are strong, low-maintenance, reliable and non-porous. Although acrylic edges fiberglass in terms of quality, fiberglass is a more affordable choice.
  6. Personal hygiene bidet.
    Mostly popular in southern Europe, southern America, and some parts of Asia, the bidet allows for better hygiene for those "hard-to-reach" areas.
  7. Hygiene maintenance systems.
    Hydrotherapy walk-in tubs in particular come with a purge system to clean the water lines connecting the jets from any bacterial growth following every bath. Other tub hygiene systems include Ozone sanitization and UV sanitization.​
  8. In-line water heater.
    Walk-in tub companies know that the water can get cold within 15 minutes if not regularly heated. You can enjoy a warm bath for extended periods of time with the use of built-in water heaters. 
  9. Custom jet placement.
    More specific to water jets, the customized positioning and adjusting of jet nozzles let you focus more water pressure on certain muscle groups to accelerate their healing.
  10. Choice of many colors to match with your bathroom.
    The most popular colors that blend walk-in tubs with most bathroom themes are white, linen, walnut, beige, and biscuit, along with many others.

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