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Ten Drawbacks of Regular Bathtubs for Seniors

Seniors with mobility limitations struggle with regular bathtubs even with the assistance of caregivers. Here's a brief look at how the standard bathtub does very little to help seniors regain their bathing independence and mobility.

  1. High threshold entry.
    Traditional bathtub walls can be as high as 14" - 30" from the floor, leaving seniors no choice but to use an additional piece of technology or a helper to climb in. 
  2. Require a guardian.
    Guardians or caregivers usually have to force seniors to abide by a certain bathing schedule that makes bathing a very stringent and joyless experience.
  3. Include little to no safety features.
    Most bathtub designs have a one-size-fits-all approach to safety, where grab bars can be hard to reach, the rim can be too high, and floors can be very slippery.
  4. Seniors are more prone to accidents.
    Most slip-and-fall accidents happen predominantly among seniors while they're showering or bathing.
  5. Requires slide-in seat, power lift or power chair for seniors.
    The combined cost of a regular bathtub and a power lift or power chair can easily exceed the cost of a quality walk-in tub loaded with features. A senior can also find a slide-in seat to be very uncomfortable and a cause for hazard.
  6. No water and air massage feature.
    Soaking is the only therapeutic feature that regular tubs have.
  7. Uncomfortable and inconvenient.
    The impersonal design that characterizes regular bathtubs does not support the fragile body of a senior and can often cause lower back pains if they try to have a bath.
  8. Bathtubs occupy entirely too much space.
    Seniors don't need that much space to get what they truly need out of a shower or bath.
  9. Impersonal design.
    Seniors prefer things they need and regularly use to be in easy-to-reach places. In this way, conventional bathtubs fail to offer the level of convenience, care, and comfort that the elderly truly need.
  10. High-maintenance.
    Because of their excessively large sizes, it takes a lot of effort and time to clean a regular bathtub. 

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