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Ten Benefits of Walk-in Tubs

Senior tubs, also known as walk-in tubs, help aging seniors with mobility limitations regain their bathing independence. They offer a more customized approach to bathtub design and bathing safety. A senior can simply go to their local Home Depot, Lowe's, or Menards store and test the wide variety of walk-in tubs that meet their individual bathing needs. 

Walk-in tubs benefit seniors in many ways, including:

  1. Mobility and independence.
    There's no need anymore to rely on a bathing schedule with a guardian, our fellow seniors have all the mobility assistance they need to have a joyful, relaxing, and cleansing bathing experience.
  2. Wheelchair accessibility.
    Some walk-in tubs are wheelchair accessible more than others. Some are built specifically for wheelchair-bound seniors.
  3. Treatment of diseases and alleviation of muscular pain.
    The therapeutic benefits of walk-in tubs are endless but focus more strongly on mobility issues associated with aging (i.e. aching of the joints, arthritis, poor circulation, lower back pains, etc.)
  4. Quick-drain system.
    Assuming your home's plumbing lines are in full working order, walk-in tubs use high capacity draining systems to empty the tub with 60 - 90 seconds after a warm bath.
  5. Available in left-handed and right-handed doors.
    The orientation of the door handles can be left or right-handed to ensure the tub is easy to use for seniors.
  6. Hydrotherapy rejuvenates your body.
    There's nothing more refreshing than a warm bubble massage, this is because the air jets in the tub are generating thousands of tiny bubbles that calm and soothe the body.
  7. Easy-to-reach grab bars.
    The orientations of the door swing, door handle, and grab bars are all built with left and right-handed users in mind.
  8. Heated seats and backrests.
    Adjacent to the ADA-compliant heated tub seat is the heated backrest, built to prevent seniors from getting cold while they wait for the tub to fill. 
  9. Available with outwardly and inwardly swinging doors.
    Bariatric walk-in tubs, for example, usually have outwardly swinging doors to save more interior space and legroom.
  10. Fits into standard tub space.
    There are walk-in tubs of many sizes to choose from: deep soakers, long soakers, extra-large, medium, compact space savers and many others. All of which can be arranged for a perfect fit in more conventional bathtub space.

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