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Six Insurance Plans, Grants, and Deductions that Could Cover Walk-in Tubs

Considering methods of being able to afford a walk-in tub? Below is a list of grants and forms of aid that you may qualify for to possibly cut down on the losses.

These are described very briefly, so do make sure to visit each section for a more detailed overview.

  • Part C of Medicare: Out of the ten Medicare plans available Part C, referred to as a Medicare Advantage Plan, is the most cost-effective because it covers all of Parts A and B and the likeliest to cover the costs of a walk-in tub. It is a plan implemented by private companies
  • Like Part C of Medicare, Medicaid has different guidelines depending on different Federal states’ laws.
    Visit this page to learn more about Medicare/Medicaid's coverage of walk-in bathtubs.
  • Tax Deductions are offered to seniors that need them when there is available proof detailing the condition and how the walk-in tub would treat or alleviate that condition.
    For more on tax deductions of walk-in tubs, click here.
  • Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services (VD-HCBS): Some of the allowance received from these services can be allocated towards the purchase of a walk-in tub.
  • The VA Aid and Housebound Pensions offer a contractual agreement detailing the amount that would be added to your pension based on an agreed upon percentage of the cost of a walk-in tub. Of the cost percentage that would be allocated into your pension.
  • Home Improvements and Structural Alterations Grant (HISA): If your disability is the result of your time in the military, you can get an allowance to purchase and install a walk-in tub in your home.
    Click here to learn about VA aid programs and more.

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