Why Walk-in Tubs are Safe

Feb 11, 2016

Why Walk-in Tubs are Safe

Made in the U.S.A.

Not all countries share our safety standards when it comes to bathtub design, which is why you should always make sure that your walk-in tub company uses high-quality material that isn’t imported from China or elsewhere to ensure your confidence in the product. Walk-in tubs made here at home are built with your safety in mind and many precautionary measures are taken in terms of design and technology to make sure no accidents happen, especially when you consider that the bathroom is the most hazardous place in any home.

Safety Design

Seniors become more and more prone to bathtub and shower accidents due to their weakened joints and muscles. Walk-in tubs are built with this in mind to produce the following safety design features: 

  • The low step-in height of a walk-in tub or low-threshold shower ensures minimal effort is needed for users with mobility issues and reduces the chances of slips and falls.
  • Walk-in tub basin floors and seats are anti-slip and prevent any accidents from happening.
  • Built-in grab bars - straight and angled - help the user catch their balance upon entering the tub.
  • The anti-leak door ensures no water escapes the tub and keeps your bathroom floor free from hazards. (Note: Almost all leading walk-in tub companies include a lifetime warranty on the door seal.)
  • Wheelchair accessible walk-in bathtubs allow wheelchair bound or bariatric users to slide inside the tub without being obstructed by the tub's rim.

Safety Technology

The technology incorporated by walk-in tubs further ensures a senior's safety and hygiene. Here's a look at how these components work to support a healthy and independent bathing lifestyle.

  • Many accidental drownings happen among seniors, and a greater percentage of them are women.
    The quick release drain of walk-in tubs is built in and its job is to prevent any accidental drownings. By the press of a button located in a convenient area of the tub, the water is then released by a strong water pump, draining it completely in 60 seconds. Although this may never be necessary because the walk-in tub keeps the bather in a seated position, ensuring they're in a safe orientation at all times, nonetheless, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Walk-in tub companies always apply anti-scald technology to their shower heads and water jets to prevent any skin burns.
  • Other innovations include Hydro Dimensions’ UV sanitization system, which is a built-in medical-grade ultraviolet (UV) light that kills disease carriers such as viruses, mold, algae, and bacteria.
  • Walk-in tub manufacturers give you the option of walk-in tub bodies covered with a layer of mold and bacteria resistant sanitary gel coat to make it require even less maintenance.
  • Hydrotherapy users can also use Ozone whirlpool sanitation systems that are built to automatically clean the tub from bacterial growth usually stuck in the pipes connecting the water jets to keep your water massage sessions hygienic.

Learn more about the hygiene of walk-in tubs here.

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