Why Walk-in Tubs are Safe

Feb 11, 2016

Why Walk-in Tubs are Safe

Made in the U.S.A.

Not all countries share our safety standards when it comes to bathtub design, which is why you should always make sure that your walk-in tub company uses high-quality material that isn’t imported from China or elsewhere to ensure your confidence in the product. Walk-in tubs made here at home are built with your safety in mind and many precautionary measures are taken in terms of design and technology to make sure no accidents happen, especially when you consider that the bathroom is the most hazardous place in any home.

Safety Design

Seniors become more and more prone to bathtub and shower accidents due to their weakened joints and muscles. Walk-in tubs are built with this in mind to produce the following safety design features: 

Safety Technology

The technology incorporated by walk-in tubs further ensures a senior's safety and hygiene. Here's a look at how these components work to support a healthy and independent bathing lifestyle.

Learn more about the hygiene of walk-in tubs here.

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