How to Keep Your Walk-in Tub Clean from Bacteria

Feb 11, 2016

How to Keep Your Walk-in Tub Clean from Bacteria

The Three Main Causes of Unsanitary Tubs

When it comes to health and hygiene walk-in tubs are no exception as bathtubs, in general, are home to bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

Keeping your walk-in tub hygienic requires that you understand three main causes of bacterial growth in bathing units: The unprotected surface layers of the tub shell, unsanitary water pipes, and how frequently you use the tub.

The Tub Body Material

The Tub Body Material

The material of the tub body determines how frequently you attend to cleaning the tub. Gel coat fiberglass is cheap, light and a very resilient material but it is prone to stains and scratches in the long run. Acrylic, on the other hand, is more durable and requires less maintenance. Both require cleaning not just from visible stains but from bacteria that cause diseases. To clean any tub body, especially that of gel coat fiberglass, you should always use light disinfectant chemicals like Windex or All Purpose cleaners with a pH or acidity of 3 – 8. All it takes is a gentle sweep with a soft nylon brush once a week, which doesn’t take more than 3 – 5 minutes, and this will maintain the glossy finish of your tub for the duration of its life. Avoid abrasive and strongly acidic cleaners as these will clean your tub but will damage its surface.

Hot tubs, in particular, are more prone to disease carrying bacteria because the high temperature of the water weakens the effectivity of chlorine and other disinfectants present in hot tubs, rendering the user exposed to dangerous microorganisms.

Learn more about the acrylic and fiberglass tub shells here.

The Plumbing 

Not only should your home's plumbing lines be able to support high-pressure faucets and high volumes of water to unleash your walk-in tub's fullest potential, but they need to be cleaned from all the mold that's settled inside. If your home's water lines do not support the water pressure required to enable the fastest draining and filling speeds for a walk-in bathtub, maybe it's time for them to be replaced with better, more modern pipes. Consult with your plumber and weigh the best course of action. 

Water Sanitation

Hydrotherapy’s water massage is popular among seniors because of its relaxing, soothing, and healing properties. The water jets used to create the massaging effect require regular maintenance by cleaning of the water lines and regular use of an anti-microbial solution so gunk doesn’t develop and ruin your tub’s hygiene. However, a simple solution can be to initially install the water jets with anti-microbial hoses which help prevent bacterial growth.

Another tip would be using an Ozone whirlpool sanitation system which works in unison with the jets to break off any organic or inorganic material stuck to the insides of water pipes in regular timely intervals.

Tip: Consult with a specialist prior to tub installation to test the pH (acidity) of the water to determine the level of maintenance required in the long run.

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