Healthcare Facility Walk-In Tubs

Mar 06, 2016

Healthcare Facility Walk-In Tubs

Accessible bathtubs housed in institutions and used strictly for medical purposes are more expensive in contrast with their residential counterparts.

Medical practice depends on perfectly functional machinery and technology. This is why only particularly long lasting tubs of the highest quality find their way into this kind of market.

The safety features that distinguish these "side-access tubs" from all other bathtubs are:

  • A Low-Entrance Threshold that encourages seniors or patients who can't lift their legs over traditional tub walls to depend on themselves absent the risk of falling.
  • Wheelchair Accessible designs are available for wheelchair-bound seniors to transfer themselves in and out independently.
  • Safety Grab Bars are placed conveniently for patients to keep themselves balanced when they navigate the tub.
  • Safety Emergency Switches are positioned in easy-to-reach locations in the case of accidental drownings. These switches either trigger a breaking open of the door or quickly drain the water in under a minute.
  • Slip-Resistant Floors and Seats to prevent slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Anti-Scald Technology lacing the shower heads and faucets keeps the patient safe from contact burns.
  • Automated Hygiene Maintenance like an Ozone sanitation system which keeps the tub contamination-free between patients while requiring very little maintenance.
  • Bacteria Resistant Gel Coat achieves the same results through different means. The surfaces of these tubs combat bacteria and keep the tub safe and clean.
  • Anti-Leak Doors that keep the hospital's floors free from any hazards for the patient and/or caregiver.

Rane's Walk-In Tubs for Healthcare Facilities

Rane's Walk-In Tubs

These medical models from Rane share the same quality as that of the freestanding residential ones. All medical tubs have this style of installation to give nurses/caregivers immediate, all-around, and unobstructed access to the patient. Although they are heavy, medical walk-in tubs are light enough to move around the room.

Rane is a residential and medical walk-in tub manufacturer stationed in Sparta, Tennessee. Three of their groundbreaking medical models are detailed below.

Rane's standard features:

  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • Handheld Shower Wand
  • Built-in Disinfection System
  • Analog Thermometer
  • Three Plumbing Configurations
  • Warranty Covering 5 Years on the Outer Layer of the Tub Shell, and a Lifetime on the Door Seal.
RR7-II Atlantics

The RR7-II Atlantics ingenuity in its design is derived from its reclining feature, which is a smart solution for better and more efficient water allocation.

The tub operates from a seated, slightly reclined position and tilts backward to an almost completely reclined position, sending the water from the foot well to immerse the patient with at a safe level. This smart feature almost completely eliminates the chances of drowning. The door opens upward to pave the way for patients with severe mobility conditions.

Other features include:

  • Head Pillow
  • 1 minute, 36 seconds fill time
  • 2 minutes, 10 seconds drain time

Tub dimensions and water capacity:

  • 34"W x 73"L x 51"H
  • 38 gallons of water capacity (occupied)
  • 24" wide seat
RK12 Winnipeg

The RK12 Winnipeg is made to comfort the patient by way of luxury with its sheer size, reclined comfort, and contoured interior design.

With a 21.5" seat and an outwardly swinging door, the Winnipeg is built to save as much legroom as possible for the patient.

One of its most important attributes is its wheelchair accessibility. Patients can practice their independence and still remain safe with the easy transfer design attributes of the Winnipeg. The seat is right at the door's opening for the wheelchair-bound patient to slide in.

Other features include:

  • 3 minutes, 12 seconds fill time
  • 1 minute, 58 seconds drain time

Tub dimensions and water capacity:

  • 33.5"W x 61.5"L x 35"H
  • 48 gallons of water capacity (occupied)
  • 21.5" wide seat
RJ15 Carribean

Last on the list is the RJ15 Carribean, which is the largest model for healthcare facilities in terms of the interior space and footprint from Rane's catalog.

This side-access tub comes with a reservoir that allows it to fill in 75 seconds with one-touch operations.

The Ozonator that comes with this tub cleans the water automatically on time intervals operated by the caregiver.

The slightly reclined 25" wide seat can house patients of any size while upholding their comfort, while the storage cabinets for medical equipment sit just above the tub for convenience. 

Other features include:

  • 1 minute, 15 seconds fill time
  • 2 minutes, 30 seconds drain time

Tub dimensions and water capacity:

  • 33"W x 74"L x 36.75"H
  • 52 gallons of water capacity (occupied)
  • 25" wide seat

Ellsworth Medical shares similar bathtub designs with Rane's. Check out Ellsworth Medical's models here.

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