Draining & Filling Speeds of Walk-in Tubs

Feb 11, 2016

Draining & Filling Speeds of Walk-in Tubs

The draining and filling speeds of water depend on your walk-in tub's size, water pressure, and the quality of your home's plumbing system. The fastest recorded draining speed of a walk-in tub is 60 seconds, available from walk-in tub industry leaders. They drain so fast because a drain pump is used to provide more momentum for the water to be pulled through, emptying the tub anywhere between 60 and 85 seconds.

As a Safety Precaution

Safety Precaution

Walk-in tubs need fast water draining and filling as a precautionary measure because bathers that use it need to be kept safe as a guardian would be absent during their bath. One or two safety switches are located in different areas of the tub depending on the brand which, when pushed, release the water in less than 60 seconds in the case of an emergency.

A more manual approach to drain the water involves removing the door, unlockable with a safety latch. This method will make a mess but it is just as effective in the case of emergencies. Walk-in tubs with removable doors are featured by manufacturers like Ella's Bubbles.


The other reason a walk-in tub has to be quick in draining and filling is the convenience since its mechanism requires the bather to be seated inside until it is finished draining/filling. To be able to quickly fill your tub you need a pump strong enough to move the water at 60 psi through high capacity faucets that can accommodate to the higher volume. Walk-in tubs always come with high capacity faucets because companies know that the filling speed is important to their customers.

Consult with a Professional

As for the water pressure, you need to check with your plumber to ascertain the level of pressure your water runs and your pipes can handle, preferably before buying a walk-in tub. Once you’ve made sure that your water pressure is sufficient you know that your walk-in tub can be used at its optimum; at about 18 gallons per minute, your walk-in tub will be full between 4 – 6 minutes.

The Capacity of the Walk-in Tub

The water capacity of the walk-in tub itself determines how effective the speed of filling and draining will be. A large sized tub filling for over 4 minutes while being seated in it may seem like a long time in hindsight, however, the bather can still use the same running water from the shower head, filling the tub while they bathe, and once the tub is filled, the in-line heater will work to maintain the water’s temperature as it circulates should the bather decide to have a bubble or whirlpool massage without getting cold.

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