Accreditation and Certification of Walk-in Tubs

Feb 23, 2016

Accreditation and Certification of Walk-in Tubs

Accreditations and memberships are reliable pointers to the quality of a walk-in tub company's service. You can usually find a list of these on a reputable company's website. The quality of their products can be measured not just by the physical features but by the source manufacturer's accreditations and accolades. 

Why Look for Certifications and Partners?

  1. Accolades from caregiving and patient-specific foundations are a good indicator of a walk-in tub's medical benefits.
  2. Agencies - like the BBB - which rate businesses protect customers from predatory companies.
  3. Walk-in tub companies rated by plumbing organizations indicates that the plumbing of their models is working safely and efficiently.
  4. Safety certifications given by reliable safety consultation companies grant a level of confidence in the consumer.
  5. Senior organizations that grant recognition to a walk-in tub manufacturer is proof of the positive impact a quality product has on fellow seniors. 

Noteworthy Affiliations to Look For 

Safe Step Walk-in Tubs, for instance, is affiliated with the NCOA, ICAA, and NAIPC - organizations lead by older adults whose mission is to better the lives of aging seniors by developing solutions and shedding light on innovations like accessible showers and walk-in bathtubs.

Arthritis Foundation

Arthritis Foundation commendations answer the question, "What can walk-in tubs do for me?" by crediting a walk-in tub company after testing. Tests are performed by experts, seniors and patients exhibiting arthritis. Once these tests show that the product is compatible with arthritis users they are then given an "ease-of-use" commendation.

Better Business Bureau

A walk-in tub company that's not rated well by the Better Business Bureau is rarely a good sign. There are very few scenarios you could imagine any company doing good business when it's not even rated by the only institution that protects consumers from predatory businesses. Look for companies with high or perfect ratings like Bliss Tubs, rated A+ (perfect) as of 2016.

The Family Caregiver Alliance join with walk-in tub companies whose product has been seen to aid them in fulfilling their caregiving roles as well as improve the quality of life for seniors.

The IAPMO is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the safety and efficiency of plumbing systems in all bathroom hardware, including that of the walk-in tub.

UL has 100 years of experience under its belt. Being UL-listed means that a manufacturer's walk-in tub has been thoroughly tested for technical and precise safe use.

You can't have a quality product if you're not doing quality business. Accreditations, certifications, and certain partnerships are reliable filters that determine the quality of a walk-in tub company's service to its

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