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Safety Features of Walk-in Tubs

There is no bathing technology available on the market that's safer than a walk-in tub. Below is our selection of the most important safety features integrated into the walk-in tub.

  1. Anti-slip floor and seat.
    Prevalent among aging seniors are slip-and-fall accidents, which is why there is enough grip inside the interior of these tubs to keep you safe.
  2. Low threshold entry.
    If you have trouble climbing into a regular bathtub, the entrance into these bathtubs can be as low as 0" from the floor. 
  3. Anti-scald technology.
    The shower heads and faucets are built to prevent skin burns.
  4. Emergency switches in different locations.
    There are two emergency measures taken to prevent accidental submersions from occurring inside these bathtubs: the first is the emergency that can be located near the control panel or the drain that empty the tub in under a minute, the second is the removable door for a quick rescue.
  5. Wide doors.
    Bariatric patients can find it very easy to enter a tub without having to squeeze themselves through.
  6. Bacteria and mold resistant Gel Coat surface.
    A senior tub is finished with an anti-bacterial Gel Coat to keep you immune from viral contamination.
  7. Self-cleaning systems.
    Not only is the tub shell maintaining bathing hygiene but a built-in purge system is keeping your water lines safe from harmful bacteria and mold build-up.
  8. Anti-leak doors.
    Most walk-in tub manufacturers include a lifetime a warranty on the door seal. These doors keep your bathroom floor clear from any hazards.
  9. Safety grab bars.
    You are given the assistance you need with the left and right-handed oriented grab bars that can be found along the outer rim and inner walls of these bathtubs.
  10. 17" high ADA-compliant seats.
    Without having to strain when sitting down or getting up, the ADA-compliant seats inside the walk-in tub are at just the right height for all seniors.

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