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Bathroom Remodeling with Walk-in Tubs

Remodeling your bathroom increases the asking price of your home by at least 60%-70% of the cost, and the different designs of walk-in tubs allow many harmonious arrangements for a bathroom setting furnished with complimentary, presentable, and functional amenities.

Let's look at a few key points related to remodeling with walk-in tubs.



It all depends on the size of your bathroom, of course, since that will tell you where the tub will go. Small bathrooms, for instance, may require either a straight-sided tub that’s compact or a corner installation tub that has curved corners to save as much as bathroom space as possible without sacrificing any from inside the tub itself.

For more on the different sizes of walk-in tubs, click here.

Canopy-and-Bathtub Combination

Canopy-and-Bathtub Combination

Larger bathrooms, on the other hand, can be home to more luxury oriented tubs that are wider and more comfortable. You can blend your walk-in tub with the rest of your bathroom even further with a canopy installation, like the ones featured by Premier Care in Bathing, which come in different colors and can be used to place a rail and resin for an adjustable shower head, and where extra handrails could be added for those who need it. These canopy-and-bathtub combinations increase the utility of your bathroom since they allow for both, a stand-up shower and a seated soaker function.

Walk-In Tub Wall Kits

If you’re including marble in your plan to remodel your bathroom, marble wall kits can be added to the wall surrounding your walk-in tub to add more flavor to your heart’s content. The right walk-in tub colors can go with any floor, ceiling, and wall paint that makes up the overall theme of your bathroom. Their most common colors available are white, linen, walnut, beige, and biscuit. A much cheaper yet closely resembling alternative to marble are wall kits provided by Hydro Dimensions that are sampled from natural stone but you couldn’t tell the difference. They offer beautiful wall kits of different textures and colors, the breccia paradiso, in particular, is very rich, and the choice is yours.



Any walk-in tub addition to your bathroom will increase the asking price of your home. Remodeling the bathroom adds more value per dollar than all the other rooms in your house except for the kitchen, in some cases. If you have a guest bathroom, for example, it probably has either an old standard bathtub, a small bathroom stall, or a half bath. In any case, a walk-in tub addition substantially increases the value of your home.

Keep in mind that inwardly, outwardly, right-handed and left-handed doors of walk-in tubs help you better understand the position and location of the tub. Wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs, for instance, will have outwardly swinging doors and, depending on your bathroom, that could make the difference between a corner installation or a back-to-wall installation.

Make a decision that’s just right for you and your bathroom by examining the different installation styles and doors of walk-in bathtubs.

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