Acrylic Wall Panels and Accessories by Ella's Bubbles

Mar 10, 2016

Acrylic Wall Panels and Accessories by Ella's Bubbles

According to national, the average cost of remodeling your bathroom is between $10,000 and $13,000. Ella's affordable combination of accessible showers, wall panels, wall liner accessories, and acrylic colors and tile patterns gives your bathroom the unique makeover it needs while saving you thousands of dollars and increasing the value of your home in the process.

There are over 10,000 combinations that can be created with Ella's accessible showers, decorative panels, and wall accessories.

The Three Wall Liner Packages

The Three Wall Liner Packages

All of Ella's wall panels are made of acrylic - a glossy, strong, and durable material for bathroom fixtures and bathtubs. Their 3-piece wall liner packages consist of three wall panels that consist of more and more accessories as you upgrade.

The Ella Acrylic Wall Liner Standard Package is the base model available in four color options: Those options are white, almond, breccia, and travertine. The Ella Acrylic Wall Liner Complete Package includes the wall liner, a 3.5" high shower base with a 2" drain, an acrylic corner seat, and a corner caddy with four shelves. The Complete Freedom Package comes with all the aforementioned accessories as well as three 16" curved chrome safety bars and one shower valve chrome safety bar.

Rundown of features:

  • Wall Panels of Acrylic Construction.
  • Three 3-Piece Wall Liner Packages to Choose From.
  • 3.5" Low Step-In.
  • 2" Drain.
  • Three 16" Curved Safety Bars.
  • Shower Valve Chrome Safety Bar.
  • Safety Bars Finish Can Be of Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Polished Chrome.
Ella's Wall Panels

Ella's Wall Panels

While Ella's wall liner packages make it simple to choose designs and combinations popular amongst homeowners, a fully custom designed shower space is also possible with Ella. The configurations include five standard gloss colors, five premium matte or gloss colors, seven simulated tile panels, and over twenty shower accessories.

The 3-piece wall panels can be placed over your drywall or current tile, and they themselves can either be flat sheets, have a single bend, or A-bends - as illustrated in the image.

Flat single sheets, for example, don't have bends but make more sense for some bathroom layouts that only need one or two liners without taking up any shower space. Depending on the finish of your choice, single sheets are available in different sizes. The finishes include flat colors and simulated tile patterns.

The single bent wall panels are folded only once to give the inside of the shower space more depth.

The A-bend wall panels are bent on all sides to create 1.5" worth of interior and exterior depth for the shower space. A-bend wall panels are "3-dimensional" compared to the other two styles and are perfect for tiles that are rich in texture and color.

Rundown of features:

  • The Wall Panels Can Be Attached to Drywall or Existing Tile.
  • Flat Sheet, Single Bend, A-Bend Wall Panels to Choose From.
  • Your Choice Between 5 Standard Colors, 5 Premium Colors, and 7 Simulated Tile Panels.
Ella's Acrylic Colors & Tile Patterns

Ella's Acrylic Colors & Tile Patterns

The acrylic colors and simulated tile patterns do not have to go with white accessories and shower fixtures. The accessories themselves can come in different colors for a seamless match with the rest of the shower design. The wall panels can come in standard solid colors, premium gloss options, premium matte options, or simulated tile patterns.

The solid colors are almond, biscuit, gray, sandbar, and white.

Premium gloss is the most reflective class of finish here, with your choice of almond-white, madiera granite, silver white, travertine, valencia granite, or juparana granite.

The less reflective but more richly textured matte class of finishes offers five options: These are breccia, canyon slate, river rock, roman stone, and the rich rosa slate.

The patterns of simulated tile are designed to blend with similarly tiled bathrooms. The patterns you can choose from are the 4" square, the 6" square, the 8" by 10", the 12" square, the diamond, the subway, and the windmill. Having a 3-piece wall panel with square tiles with slightly smaller shapes than the rest of the bathroom will give your shower the illusion that it sits in a deeper alcove.

Rundown of features:

  • All Accessories Can Be Made to Match Your Wall Liner's Color.

Ella's Shower Accessories

Ella's wall liner accessories range from soap dishes, flush mounts, corner seats, corner caddies (with different numbers of shelves), shower shaving stands, wainscoting, accented tile borders, window trim kits, and hole caps. All accessories are available in all the colors (solid, gloss, or matte) for a perfect match, except for the chrome finish hole caps. The accented tile borders, the wainscoting, and the window trim, in particular, will make your shower space look like it has always been a part of your bathroom while giving it that missing aesthetic feel. The surfaces are soft to the touch and glossy in appearance with a seamless designer look. 

Ella's Acrylic & Gel Coat Shower Bases

Ella's Acrylic & Gel Coat Shower Bases

The last and final step is to pick one of Ella's accessible shower bases or walk-in bathtubs.

Choosing a walk-in tub is simply a matter of finding the most accessible model for you, and Ella's catalog has a model for almost any mobility limitation. Wheelchair access, bariatric, deep soakers, and hydrotherapy variations are all available at Ella's Bubbles.

Seniors interested in accessible showers have three categories of shower bases to choose from, two of which are made from gel coat and one made from acrylic. Gel coat (short for fiberglass) is less expensive than acrylic but more porous and can last the lifetime of the shower if it's properly cleaned (with no abrasive chemicals). Acrylic, on the other hand, is non-porous, tougher than fiberglass, and very low-maintenance.

The gel coat bases available are either of a low threshold entrance or a barrier free shower base. Wheelchair-bound seniors can choose to have a low threshold shower base with a ramp or a barrier free base to be used as a roll-in shower. The acrylic bases are strictly of a low threshold entrance with the option of a custom sized base with spray foam backing for a more stable floor feel.

The material of your choice comes in different colors and sizes with the drain location appropriate to your plumbing (left/right/center).

Rundown of features:

  • Wall Panels and Accessories Can Be Made to Fit a Walk-In Tub.
  • Leading Walk-In Tub Models (Deep Soakers and Hydrotherapy) are Available at Ella's.
  • Bariatric and Wheelchair Accessible Showers and Walk-In Tubs are Available at Ella's.
  • Gel Coat is Affordable and Strong.
  • Gel Coat is Porous but It Can Last the Lifetime of Your Shower with Proper Care.
  • Acrylic is Expensive but is Non-Porous, Very Low-Maintenance, and Extremely Durable.

Ella's Bubbles' catalog has arguably the most elegant accessible showers and bathtubs on the market. This is due to their extensive customization options that give the bathroom a unique personality and look.

They offer unique wall surrounds for your accessible shower to blend with the rest of your bathroom and transforming it for a softer, smoother, classier, or edgier finish at an affordable price. The world is your oyster.

When you're remodeling your home you have to put yourself in the shoes of a touring client. Picture yourself visiting your home for the first time. What is it that would cause you to lose interest? What is it that turns you off? This is what you should keep in mind when you're planning to remodel your bathroom.

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