Xtremebath Walk-in Tubs

Jan 31, 2017

Xtremebath Walk-in Tubs

For more than twenty years, Xtremebath has been serving Tucson homeowners in Arizona with bathroom remodeling and accessibility modifications for seniors. 

Serving Tucson, Arizona

Xtremebath is a bathroom remodeling company based in Tucson, Arizona, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They provide homeowners with the remodeling services they need for their bathrooms, small or big; offer great walk-in bathtubs for seniors, tub to shower conversions, and specific customizations made to the floors, walls, vanities, countertops, plumbing, and more.

Bathroom Remodeling

In Tucson, recent findings show the average cost of remodeling a bathroom to be a city average of $16,987 for a resale value of $8,570 – that’s a good recoup of 50.5%.

With Xtremebath, you get a team of experts who can do it all if you have a vision for your bathroom, or they’ll suggest different ideas and tips during their FREE in-home consultation with you. Their remodeling team can install, replace, and recover any bathroom component, including the following:

  • Wall surrounds made from acrylic, natural stone or tile
  • Ceiling panels made from acrylic and natural stone
  • Any sized custom shower bases made from acrylic, tile or natural stone
  • Customized bathtub decks for traditional tubs
  • Bathtub liners made from acrylic to renew your current bathtub
  • Vanities and custom countertops made from solid surface, natural stone, and natural quartz
  • A variety of wood species, stains, and colors for vanities
  • Acrylic and natural stone shampoo caddies and towers
  • Fixtures of different styles and finishes that go with your tub, shower, and vanity
  • Custom shower doors like sliders, pivot doors, and enclosures in a variety of glass types and finishes

Making Your Bathroom More Accessible

As for making your bathroom more accessible and supportive of wheelchair use, there’s a host of things that these guys can do apart from raising your home’s resale value. If you’re a senior over the age of 65 or a disabled veteran, then you know it becomes increasingly difficult to be independent in a bathroom with fixtures which may or may not support your weight or routine. If using the bathroom independently is currently impractical, there is a number of ways that you can use this remodeling team to make it so:

  • Installing ADA compliant toilets for seniors and disabled veterans
  • Installing safety grab bars (12” – 30” long) in any location
  • Installing customized transfer benches and built-in shower seats for seniors and disabled veterans
  • Converting your existing bathtub into a barrier-free or low-barrier shower for wheelchair accessibility
  • Replacing a bathtub wall’s cutout with a door to function similarly to a walk-in tub
  • Installing soaker and jetted bathtubs made from acrylic
  • Installing a walk-in bathtub with soaking, whirlpool, air massage, or dual-massage features

Xtremebath Walk-in Tubs

Xremebath Walk-in Tub (White)

Bathing independently becomes a luxury as we grow older due to atrophying muscles and little exercise. Having a walk-in tub in your bathroom makes sure there is no longer a limitation put on your bathing mobility.

The Xtremebath walk-in tub features the following safety design elements:

  • A non-slip floor to significantly reduce the chances of accidents common with seniors.
  • A wide watertight door to make it easy for you to enter and exit the unit hazard-free.
  • Built-in safety grab bar.
  • ADA compliant seat to reduce the stress on your thigh muscles when you get up and sit down.
  • Quality drain and wide faucets for quicker draining and filling of the tub.

To learn more about how safe walk-in bathtubs really are, click here.

Low-Threshold Shower by Xtremebath

Xtremebath Barrier-Free & Low-Threshold Showers

Bathing is not for everybody and certainly not for seniors looking to have a daily hygienic routine without the prolonged nature of a bath. With a shower, you can maintain even more cleanliness than you would from a bath and it only takes a few minutes. Barrier-free and low-threshold showers are relatively the same but they differ slightly in the base’s threshold height and accessibility.

Barrier-Free Showers

Barrier-free showers rise 0” from the ground and are the easiest to step into, plus they can be entered easily with a wheelchair without a ramp. The water that isn’t caught by the primary drain falls in a secondary drain lining the base’s outermost edge, keeping you safe from slipping.

Low-Threshold Showers

As the second most easy to access units, low-threshold showers only require you to lift your leg slightly upon entry and exit. If you move around with a wheelchair, you will have to use a small ramp to enter the shower, but apart from that, these kinds of showers are stress-free and supportive of your independence.

Quarried Natural Stone Design

One very neat perk you get with Xtremebath showers is the option to use ForzaStone® for the entire enclosure. Very stylish, modern, and organic-looking, ForzaStone® is basically quarried natural stone that will raise the resale value considerably if you plan to move out in the future. The stone slabs are cut 0.2” thin and their backs are glued with a low-VOC epoxy adhesive to an aluminum allow to achieve an overall thickness of 0.4” and a material eight times stronger than regular slabs.

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