Universal Walk In Tubs

Nov 22, 2016

Universal Walk In Tubs

Every one of Universal Tub’s products goes through an exhaustive quality control process to ensure customer satisfaction. They even go as far as covering each one of their walk-in tubs with a 10-year warranty.

Whether you’re looking for a model that’s built for certain mobility needs, designed to upgrade your bathroom, or modified to include a stand-up shower, you’ll find what you need at your local Home Depot stores for jaw-dropping offers, and we’re going to talk about a few of the best ones.

Universal Tubs 3260 Model

Universal Hydrotherapy Walk In Tubs

It is no secret that hydrotherapy (soaking, whirlpool, and air baths) treats an endless list of physical, emotional, and mental complications in people and seniors alike.


The air bubble and whirlpool jets found on models like the Universal 3260 work to employ different characteristics of air and water to promote healing of cardiovascular problems, arthritis, muscle aches, poor blood circulation, swollen joints, nausea, insomnia, depression, headaches, the flu, and many other illnesses and diseases.

The complete hydrotherapy system consists of 26 bubble jets and 13 whirlpool jets. Each of these two features employs their own 1 HP blower and pump to maintain steady temperature and pressure for an enjoyable massage.

Aromatherapy & Chromatherapy

The 3260 model also boasts other capable forms of physical therapy. Chromatherapy in this tub is utilized through a LED with multiple color options.

The options vary between warm and cool colors to achieve different degrees of relaxation and stimulation in the mind and body of a seated senior. Warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) excite the user for the day ahead and open their creative and imaginative horizons and aid seniors into innovating new solutions for practical problems, personal issues, and life struggles that they might be going through. Cool colors (blue, green, and violet) help the user relax and take everything in a meditative mood, making them ideal for insomniacs and alleviation of anxieties. Simply push a button, lie back against the reclined backrest of this excellent tub, and enjoy the colorful luminescent ripples of your bath as it reflects off your bathroom walls.

Aromatherapy accomplishes the same results as chromotherapy with its host of relaxing and stimulating agents of fragrances and scents. The 3260 model incorporates a scent canister (sold separately) that diffuses the scent through the unit’s air massage injectors. Need to reduce your blood pressure and put yourself in a better mood? Try out a sample of lavender oil and watch your troubles wash away.

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A Rundown of the 3260 Model’s Features:

Universal Tubs 2953WCA Model

Universal Wheelchair Accessible Walk In Tubs

The point of purchasing a senior tub is to meet specific needs that go unanswered by traditional bathtubs, that is why wheelchair-accessible models are a cut above the norm in their design features.

Wheelchair Access

Universal Tubs’ 2953WCA model is built to assist wheelchair-bound seniors in entering and exiting the unit independently. This is accomplished by making it easy for wheelchair seniors to laterally access the tub’s seat which is engineered to be exposed on one side where the door’s opening starts at the headrest, runs down the backrest, and ends at the footrest, making it easy to simply slide on from seat to seat.

Independence & Mobility

Based on a high volume of positive feedback from seniors, the 2953WCA model has become a staple of wheelchair-accessible walk-in tubs. Studies done on aging seniors that are either living alone or severely immobile show a remarkable harmony between domestic access – to home items and rooms – and a senior’s emotional wellbeing. This proves that as long as our elderly family members can gain access to all their belongings on their own, they’ll end up being much happier. This means that making a daily routine such as bathing a possibility for older wheelchair-bound relatives will see them emotionally, physically, and mentally happy without hindering their independence and mobility.

Spacious Interior

Universal built this model with a senior’s comfort in mind. There’s no chance of claustrophobia in this tub’s spacious interior. Standing 42.5” high, stretching 60” long, and 30” wide, this model has a depth of 25” – more than enough room for a full-body immersion. Where other models have you squeezing your legs together due to an inward swinging door, the 2953WCA model opens outward so you never feel boxed in.

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A Rundown of the 3260 Model’s Features:

Universal Tubs 3140 Model

Universal Walk In Tub & Shower

Some seniors prefer to make the best out of the bathtub space and combine aspects of a stand-up shower together with the unit. This method mounts a wall surround around the walk-in tub to optimize what little footprint it has, enhances the bathroom’s utility, and increases the home’s final asking price.

Universal’s 3140 model combines a soaking walk-in bathtub with optional air and whirlpool massage systems together with a stylish wall surround.

The 3140 Universal Tub

Wheelchair access is supported by the 3140 model to a degree. Theoretically, this tub can be used by everyone in the home, making it extremely ideal for family homes with senior relatives.

By itself, the unit is capable of all the therapeutic features included with its predecessors. Depending on the senior’s mobility and bathing needs, it can be installed in a back-to-wall or alcove fashion unless it is to be used also as a shower, in which case an alcove installation should be in order. Its step-in height reaches 7” from the ground and contains all the safety features found on all walk-in tubs (i.e. anti-slip floor, safety bars, support for wheelchair-bound veterans, etc.)

The Shower Enclosure

Sold separately, Universal Tubs’ wall surround makes showering possible with the help of mounted riser rails and other accessories. It has an upper-body mirror and ledges for shampoo bottles, essential oils, and soap.

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A Rundown of the 3260 Model’s Features:

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