The Home Depot Walk-in Tubs

Feb 23, 2016

The Home Depot Walk-in Tubs

Home Depot’s Walk-in Tub Costs and Features

The prices of walk-in tubs can be anywhere between $1,500 and $9,000 at the Home Depot, this of course, depends on the number of features included (therapeutic and luxurious), the material of the tub body, the man-hours it took to build the shape of the tub (oval, oval in rectangular, and rectangle), the jet types, the size of the tub, and the installation type. A few models that belong to different price ranges are included below for an overview of what you can expect from Home Depot.

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 The Different Sizes of Walk-in Tubs

$1,000 - $2,000: There are economical alternatives to pricey models available at your local Home Depot. These include American Standard’s 5 ft. right-drain seated shower in linen [Model # 3060SH.RL]. This anti-slip shower has a low step-in height to prevent any slip-and-fall accidents. If wheelchair accessibility is an issue for you, this model’s contoured seat is designed for easy transfer without assistance from others. American Standard are known for their sturdy acrylic tub designs and attention to bathing safety. With consistent 5-star reviews from Home Depot customers, you can’t go wrong with this model. At their current 20% discount, you can get it for $1,129.80.

 American Standard Walk-in Tubs

$2,000 - $3,000: Universal Tub’s 5 ft. left-drain walk-in whirlpool receives excellent reviews from Home Depot customers. For $2,727, down from $4,196, this is a bargain for the eyes to behold. It houses 13 adjustable water jets for a blissful hydrotherapy session with three settings that control the force exerted by the massage. This strong fiberglass tub opens a left-handed door that gives way to a slip-resistant bathtub interior. With so many features incorporated into one product, Universal Tubs really outdid themselves for the sake of the customer.

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+$5,000: Wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs, also called slide-in tubs, typically belong to this price range because of the man hours it took to integrate the curvatures and contour designs made for the comfort and convenience of wheelchair-bound users. At $5,624, Universal Tub's 5 ft. left-drain, wheelchair accessible, whirlpool and air bath model does the job in keeping a senior’s mobility and independence intact. Hydrotherapy's air and water massage, aromatherapy, and chromotherapy are all featured in this nifty machine, as well as friction heaters that maintain the water temperature of the bath for extended periods of time so you don’t get cold during draining and filling. A state-of-the-art model that's 30" in width, built to make bariatric persons feel comfortable and cared for when immersed in this feature-heavy, luxury-driven model.

Wheelchair accessible models help wheelchair-bound users who are bariatric or handicapped regain their bathing independence every day. Find out how here.

Buying a Walk-in Tub from Home Depot?

Seeing is believing. The Home Depot offers walk-in bathtubs to meet any need and style. If for example, you don’t find the tub size that you’re looking for at your local store, the customer service team are very helpful and will point you to another local store that has what you need. Another tip would be to check their website which hosts a catalog of all the Home Depot models that can be narrowed down to specific locations. The location of the store is mentioned for you to visit, meet the team, and test out the tub. American Standard, KOHLER, Universal Tubs, Safety Tubs (acrylic and fiberglass), and Ella are but a few walk-in tub brands worth mentioning. If all else fails, you can place an order for a walk-in tub available in their online catalog to be sent to the Home Depot nearest to your zip code.

The Home Depot’s Installation Process

The Home Depot’s walk-in tub installation process involves and informs their customers professionally every step of the way.

  1. A team is sent directly to your house to enquire about your needs, budget, and style.
  2. Measurements are taken of your current bathtub to get a better picture of where and how your walk-in tub will be installed.
  3. The Home Depot team will order your tub for you and check and see for any defects or malfunctions prior to installation.
  4. They will install the walk-in tub for you.
  5. They will clean up after themselves once they’ve installed your tub.
  6. They are given specific instructions to guide you and give you a demo of the walk-in tub upon completion.
  7. Finally, they will explain the warranty guidelines of the tub to you.

How to Find Your Store

Walk-in tubs are not sold in all of the Home Depot stores. If you insist on buying one first-hand you could always go to the store yourself and ask. If your town’s Home Depot does not house your model of choice, you can put in an order for it after you’ve looked through their online catalog.

The Home Depot has stores in all 50 states across the U.S. of A. Founded in 1978, the Home Depot continues to strive to new heights with consistent quality and presence evident in its home-improvement warehouse-style superstores.

How to Find Your Store

Bernie and I founded The Home Depot with a special vision – to create a company that would keep alive the values that were important to us. Values like respect among all people, excellent customer service and giving back to communities and society.” - Arthur Blank (founder)

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