Signature Bath Walk In Tubs

Nov 23, 2016

Signature Bath Walk In Tubs

If you’re looking for affordable and reliable walk-in tubs with the therapeutic and luxury features of your choice, you came to the right place. Signature Bath of Johnson City, Tennessee, is an advanced luxury bathtub manufacturing company with quality walk-in bathtubs in its catalog.

The best thing about them is that you can customize your own tub to be one of a set of sizes with therapeutic features of your choosing.

Their collection can be categorized into four tiers: soakers, air baths, whirlpools, and luxury walk-in tubs, all of which differ in the therapeutic features that they offer, only they all share the same safety features that you would expect from senior tubs.

Safety Features

The safety features present in all of Signature Bath’s senior tubs consist of:

  • A non-slip floor and seat
  • A 7.5” high step-in
  • A door drain
  • An effortless and ergonomic door handle
  • A leak-proof door
  • A safety grab bar
  • …And hygienic agents.

Signature Soaker

Soakers deliver the goods on many of hydrotherapy’s healing and relaxing properties, and this model is no exception. Apart from moisturizing and cleansing the skin, soaking is also capable of treating the flu, improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, and reducing headaches. They can even be used to treat diabetes if properly used as seen here. With five sizes to choose from, you can rest assured that your body – whether bariatric or petite – will be accommodated for in this abode of smooth and comfortable acrylic.

Dimensions (LxWxH) Water Capacity (Gallons) MSRP
47x30x38 43 $3,099
50x31x38 47 $3,099
51x26.5x38 40 $3,099
54x30x38 50 $3,640
60x30x38 55 $3,640

Signature Airbath

With models ranging from 47" to 60" in width, an air bath feature in one of these roomy tubs would do wonders to your health and your life at large. With 15 air injectors perforated in the tub's basin, you will be able to sit in a bath while thousands of tiny air bubbles lace your body. These bubbles work by pulling dead skin cells and microorganisms out of the pores they're lodged in, leaving you with a rejuvenated feel and healthier looking skin. There's no better natural method of helping with insomnia if you're a toss-and-turner. For more on the benefits of air baths, click here.

Dimensions (LxWxH) Water Capacity (Gallons) MSRP
47x30x38 43 $4,099
50x31x38 47 $4,099
51x26.5x38 40 $4,099
54x30x38 50 $5,096
60x30x38 55 $5,096

Signature Whirlpool

Costing exactly the same as its air bath counterpart, Signature's whirlpool walk-in tub takes you to new heights with its more intense massage. This time, 10 strategically placed water jets surround you, each of which is adjustable to hone in more pressure on parts of those muscle groups you deem need more attention. 

The experience of being in this tub's whirlpool massage involves the body of water swirling all around your body to speed up the healing of sore muscles, bones, and joints. All the benefits you find with air massages are also achieved and emphasized more with whirlpool massages. Considering that recent studies found a third of Americans suffering from extreme daily stress, having a whirlpool massage on your constant beck-and-call will improve the quality of your life immensely. You'll sleep better, eat better, and feel better.

Signature Dual Therapy

The dual-therapy model, Luxury Walk-In Tub, has 10 whirlpool jets and 15 air jets built into the sides of the tub. Equipped with easy-to-reach safety bars, non-slip floor, and a low entrance threshold, a senior can enter the unit effortlessly and enjoy the fruits of their labor with two therapeutic systems in place. Where hydrotherapy series models use white whirlpool and air jets, the luxury dual-therapy model uses stainless steel.

A high-performance pump and an HP air blower come with this model as well as the models which include their corresponding type of hydrotherapy. The high-performance pump not only circulates the water for a quality high-intensity massage, but it also uses a built-in heat stick to keep the water warm for those long bath sessions that we need every once in a while. The HP air blower is used for the same purpose only for the air massage system.

The unit is priced higher than the rest, but we think that having a dual-therapy system, all the safety design features, and the ability to choose exactly the right size for anyone makes it all worthwhile. For more on dual-therapy tubs, click here.

Dimensions (LxWxH) Water Capacity (Gallons) MSRP
47x30x38 43 $5,099
50x31x38 47 $5,099
51x26.5x38 40 $5,099
54x30x38 50 $5,822
60x30x38 55 $5,822

Faucet Kit Upgrades

All standard models above contain your choice of either classic double cross handles with a handheld showerhead or modern handles with a polished handheld shower wand. Other choices include the Classic Faucet (chrome in appearance) upgrade, Modern Faucet (silver-colored in appearance) upgrade, and Classic 5 Faucet (has a bronze finished look) upgrade. 

Faucet Options Additional Cost
Classic Handles & Showerhead (Optional) Standard
Modern Handles & Showerhead (Optional) Standard
Classic Faucet Upgrade $219
Modern Faucet Upgrade $219
Classic 5 Set Upgrade $269

Signature's Warranty

All Signature walk-in tub owners enjoy extensive warranty terms on their bathroom additions. Electronics and repair labor are covered for 1 year, the water pump and air blower are covered for 3, the jets and injectors for 5, and the tub shell for 10 years.

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