Safety Tubs Fiberglass Walk-In Tubs

Mar 08, 2016

Safety Tubs produced the first line of bacteria-resistant acrylic models at a time when everybody else depended on fiberglass. This is because acrylic is a lot tougher and heavier to mold into shape than fiberglass.

Safety Tubs offer seniors both classes of walk-in bathtubs to choose from with the standard safety features (listed below) kept intact.

  • Anti-Slip Floor.
  • ADA-Compliant Seat.
  • Low-Threshold Entry.
  • Anti-Scald Technology.
  • Wide Doors.
  • Bacteria and Mold-Resistant Acrylic/Fiberglass Surface.
  • Anti-Leak Doors.
  • Wheelchair Access.

A table with the pros and cons of acrylic and fiberglass is made for you to get a brief understanding of the differences. 

  Acrylic Fiberglass
Life  Extremely durable (no cracks or chips).  Durable but may develop deformation if not properly maintained over time.
Construction  Heavier and more complex to work with.  Much lighter to manufacture than acrylic.
Expense  Costs more because of its difficulty to manufacture.  Costs less because it's more flexible to work with.
Discoloring  Acrylic is non-porous.  Fiberglass is slightly more porous but discolorings can be avoided if properly cleaned.
Maintenance  Very low-maintenance.  To last the duration of its life, it has to be cleaned regularly.

[Learn more about acrylic and fiberglass.]

Gel Coat Walk-In Bathtub Sizes:

  • 60″L x 30″W x 37"H
  • 54″L x 30″W x 38"H
  • 52″L x 30″W x 42"H
  • 48″L x 28″W x 38"H

The Gel Coat Walk-In Tub Model

The Gel Coat Walk-In Tub Model

If you want a deep soaker but can't afford the acrylic version, this beautiful fiberglass walk-in bathtub (model #SS5230) is the one for you. It's just as effective and able as its acrylic counterpart.

The interior is 39" deep with a 23" wide contoured seat. Sit back and relax because soaking has never been this comfortable. 

This tub can incorporate your choice of configurations, the combination of therapeutic features, and add-ons (listed below) to your heart's content.

It is wheelchair accessible to a degree, depending on the severity of the patient's condition. The ergonomic built-in safety bar is put there to assist you when you need that little bit of help. Once you're done getting all you can out of a nice soak, the L-shaped inward-swinging door will open without compromising your legroom or mobility.

Operating capacity: 65 gallons.

The Legs-Only Massage Model

The Legs-Only Massage Model

One therapeutic feature that sets Safety Tubs apart for diabetics is their legs-only massage system. It is common knowledge that diabetics shouldn't soak for longer than 15 - 20 minutes. The legs-only massage takes a minimal approach and gives patients the same therapeutic benefits without the health risks. It works by filling the tub half-way and operating the lower water jets alone while you sit back, soak, and relax.

This simple technology comes only with the whirlpool massage system and the dual massage system.

For more on legs-only massage systems, click here.

Any of these models can include the features of your choice shown below.

1. Therapeutic options:

*An Ozonator clears the lines connecting the jets from any idle water that could encourage mold contamination.

**An in-line heater keeps the circulating whirlpool massage water warm for the duration of your bath. 

2. Other options:

  • Air-filled neck pillow that's ergonomic for bathing comfort.
  • Decorative grab bar with handheld shower glide. Ideal if you want a stand-up shower in your tub.
  • Left handed or right handed door to go with your orientation.
  • Available in white and biscuit.
  • Anti-scald valve to protect you from hot water burns.

If you prefer acrylic to fiberglass, visit this page and check out Safety Tubs' acrylic models. 

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