Safety Tubs Acrylic Walk-In Tubs

Mar 08, 2016

Safety Tubs offer seniors two differently manufactured models available in five sizes, six variations of therapeutic features, and eight other optional configurations for you to customize to your liking. 

By living up to their name, Safety Tubs integrate all the standard safety features into their designs to provide seniors with the bathing security that they need. These include a low-threshold entrance, wide anti-leak doors, ADA-compliant seats, non-slip surfaces, built-in grab bars, anti-scald technology, and wheelchair accessibility.

Acrylic vs Fiberglass

Safety Tubs earned their reputation by being the first to produce mold and mildew-resistant acrylic walk-in tubs in a time when everybody else was producing them from fiberglass. Fiberglass is a strong shell indeed but it's not as strong as non-porous acrylic. Even though acrylic tubs are more durable than fiberglass, they are still more expensive.

The choice is up to you, which is why Safety Tubs have a class of models for each material. Seniors can plan effectively and decide to save with fiberglass or go with acrylic and get more quality per dollar.

  Acrylic Fiberglass
Life  Extremely durable (no cracks or chips).  Durable but may develop deformation if not properly maintained over time.
Construction  Heavier and more complex to work with.  Much lighter to manufacture than acrylic.
Expense  Costs more because of its difficulty to manufacture.  Costs less because it's more flexible to work with.
Discoloring  Acrylic is non-porous.  Fiberglass is slightly more porous but discolorings can be avoided if properly cleaned.
Maintenance  Very low-maintenance.  To last the duration of its life, it has to be cleaned regularly.

[Learn more about acrylic and fiberglass.]

Their line of five acrylic models differ in their dimensions:

  • 60″L x 32″W x 37″H
  • 60″L x 32″W x 32″H
  • 51″L x 30″W x 37"H
  • 51″L x 26″W x 37"H
  • 48″L x 28″W x 38"H
The Acrylic Walk-In Tub Model

The Acrylic Walk-In Tub Model

The 60" by 32" model (#ST6032.177) is a very spacious, deep, and comfortable tub. The interior has enough room available for bariatric patients. With a 24.5" wide ADA-compliant seat, this tub is built to make you feel like a king or queen.

Enjoy the legs-only massage system made for you if you're a diabetic. The system fills the water level up to your lower extremities to reduce your blood sugar and relax.

Whether you want to load it with therapeutic features or get the standard soaker, you can't go wrong with this model. This tub has an operating capacity of 80 gallons, making it the perfect soaking tub of your dreams.

The Acrylic Seated Shower Model

The Acrylic Seated Shower Model

The seated Safety Tubs sole low-threshold shower makes access and installation all too easy. Characterized by a 3" high step-in, this wonderful bathroom addition comes with a non-slip seat that's located directly at the entrance. Wheelchair-bound users will find the ADA-compliant contoured seat very convenient for transfer upon entry and exit.

There are two left and right configurations of this shower to cater to a senior's orientation.

The strong acrylic non-slip surfaces support showering standing up or sitting down.

One of the options you can include in this shower is a decorative grab bar with a handheld shower glide. A safe solution for all your showering needs.

One of the best qualities of this shower is how easy it is to install. Whether you're remodeling or simply want to get the best out of a vacant shower stall, the seated safety shower will fit any alcove for a disabled or elderly family member to shower independently and safely.

Shower dimensions:

  • 60"L x 30"W x 37"H

Any of these models can include the features of your choice.

1. Therapeutic options:

2. Other options:

  • In-line heater to keep the circulating whirlpool massage water warm for the duration of your bath. 
  • A fast draining system that drains the water completely 8 times faster than other systems.
  • Air-filled neck pillow that's ergonomic for bathing comfort.
  • Decorative grab bar with handheld shower glide. Ideal if you want a stand-up shower in your tub.
  • Left handed or right handed door to go with your preferred orientation.
  • Available in white and biscuit.
  • Anti-scald valve to protect you from hot water burns.
  • Ozonator (only available with whirlpool massage system) to clear the lines connecting the jets from any idle water that could encourage mold contamination. 

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