Rane Walk In Tubs

Nov 23, 2016

Stationed in Sparta, Tennessee since 1997, Rane Bathing Systems used to be called Norcom of TN Inc., a then family owned business that manufactured a host of applications for businesses in the automobile, medical, marine, and eatery industries.

The walk-in tub industry was elevated to new heights when Rane’s model designs were built to operate in healthcare facilities and residential homes.

Jim DeKraker, the original proprietor of the walk-in tub design, can be seen sitting in his bathtub prototype which supported side-access – the very design element that wheelchair-accessible walk-in tubs are based on today.

Able to go with any bathroom layout, all three of Rane’s models can be installed in a freestanding or alcove fashion. This provides enough options for smaller bathrooms as well as different styles of access to these walk-in tubs.

The RC2 Pacific

The RC2 Pacific is the most popular model from Rane because it’s the most versatile in terms of its size, features, and support for seniors who are challenged in their mobility. The L-shaped inward swinging door measures 14” wide in its lower section and 17” in its upper section. When opened, the senior would only need to step over an entrance with a 6” high threshold to a slip-resistant floor and contoured seat.

To know if the tub can accommodate your body comfortably, you should know that it provides an interior length of 44”, a seat width of 21”, and a backrest width of 24”.

RC2 Pacific Specifications:

The RM3 Superior

This entry is a testament to Jim DeKraker’s innovation from four decades. A truly helpful bathroom addition for wheelchair-bound seniors or veterans who need to regain their bathing independence. No caregivers or helpers are necessary when entering or exiting the RM3 Superior. This is made possible by the lateral style of accessing the tub. Simply open the door to expose the entire side of the seat and slide on using the safety bars mounted close by.

Depending on the extremity of a senior’s condition, the RM3 Superior offers greater degrees of access since it has a 4.5” high step-in (1.5” lower than its predecessor).

RM3 Superior Specifications:

The RE2 Huron

As vast as Lake Huron is in Michigan, the RE2 Huron gives the most spacious interior out of all Rane’s residential walk-in tubs, making it perfect for bariatric users or seniors who are just looking for a deeper soak.

Stretching 44.5” long and 25” wide, the Huron boasts a comfortable and wide contoured seat and plenty of legroom.

The Huron promotes a healthy soaking routine but it can be upgraded with air and whirlpool massage systems. A habit of soaking improves your overall health by exercising your cardiovascular system, alleviating physical, mental, and emotional pain, and treating headaches, the flu and many other complications and diseases.

RM3 Superior Specifications:

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