Lowe's Walk-in Tubs

Feb 24, 2016

Lowe's online catalog does not include the prices of its models but you could find an overview of each walk-in tub with all the key features listed and compared to other walk-in tubs of your choice.

If you insist on knowing the costs first-hand, you can always go down to your local Lowe's store where prices are on display and their team ready to assist you.

Lowe's Best Selling Walk-in Tubs

Lowe's Best Selling Walk-in Tubs

Endurance's Walk-in Whirlpool [Model #: LS2653RWH] is a white, sturdy bathtub with a beautiful gel coat and fiberglass finish designed to appropriate to your hydrotherapy needs.

The 53" wide, 27" long, and 38" tall shell comes equipped with 13 adjustable whirlpool jets, chromotherapy lights, a friction heater and a 4-piece roman faucet set.

The whirlpool massage concentrates pressure on certain points in the body to heal sore muscles by way of accelerating blood flow and healing. 

With a 6" step-in height and a speed drain that empties the tub from bathwater in 1 minute, it's no wonder this tub is Lowe's #1 bestseller.

Model #: 3048 LH

Total Care in Bathing's Walk-in Tub with Left-Hand Drain [Model #: 3048 LH] is 29.75" wide, 47.5" long, and 38" tall. It is Lowe's second bestseller for several reasons: It has a fast drainage system and chrome faucets with a handheld shower. Although it is designed for retrofit installations and smaller spaces, it can fit in a standard tub space with its extension panels (included).

It has a left-handed inward swinging door and all the standard safety features that you would expect from a respectable walk-in tub design. These features include a 17-inch ADA compliant seat, built-in grab bars, slip resistant floor, and a 6" low threshold entrance.

Model #: FIN6036ARL1XXW

Jacuzzi's Finestra [Model #: FIN6036ARL1XXW] is a walk-in air bath. Its strong acrylic body makes for a very low-maintenance surface that doesn't require frequent cleaning.

Its air massage jets generate tiny air bubbles that cover and clean the body from harmful microorganisms lodged in the skin pores.

The low-maintenance build, soothing massage system, and standard safety features maintain the tub's third position on Lowe's bestseller list. It is 36" wide, 60" long, and 38.5" tall - the second widest choice for optimal comfort.

The Perks of Visiting Your Local Lowe's Store

The Perks of Visiting Your Local Lowe's Store

Lowe's has 1,840 stores in America. Their in-store customer service team are professional and able to assist you in finding the best walk-in tub for you. What separates Lowe's from the rest of the hardware chain giants is their talented modeling team. If you're buying furniture from a common store, get your decorator from Lowe's. These individuals are always on-call to professionally and expertly hit the mark in terms of what you want your bathroom to look like. They will also give you much needed advice on the latest modeling trends by way of what to do and what not to do.

If by some chance, you don't find the walk-in tub you're looking for, Lowe's professional team will assist you in locating the model you need in another one of Lowe's local stores. Although, you could check their comprehensive online catalog for a model that meets your exact specifications. A list can be generated that's narrowed down to meet your needs in terms of budget, tub dimensions, brands, colors, shapes, therapeutic, and luxury features. If your local store doesn't house the walk-in bathtub of your choice, you can always place an online order for it to be sent to the Lowe's store nearest to your zip code, either for you to pick up or to be delivered to your house by their delivery team.

Lowe's Installation Process

Before Installation:

  1. Trained project specialists at your local Lowe's store will assist you in selecting the most suitable model for you and will give you a quote detailing all the costs associated with installation and the product itself.
  2. Within two business days prior to installation, Lowe's will contact you to make an appointment and you'll be given an updated quote based on the measurements taken.
  3. You'll then schedule a time to host Lowe's installers.

Conditions to Minimize Disruptions During the Time of Installation:

  • An adult must be present during the installation process.
  • Children and pets must not be within the installation area.
  • Keep entryways clear for installers to work swiftly and quickly.

After Installation:

Lowe's installation team are given instructions to clean up after themselves and present you with a "Certificate of Completion" which you only need to sign if you've made sure that everything is functioning to your satisfaction. Lowe's will contact you afterward to get your feedback.

Lowe's has a 30-day return policy on major appliances which include walk-in tubs, so don't hesitate and visit your local Lowe's store if you're seeking advice or assistance.

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