Lifestyle Victorian Walk-In Tubs

Jun 13, 2016

Some Euro style walk-in tubs - especially compact models - aren't exactly soft on the eyes. Lifestyle Tubs' mission is to show seniors that they can have an independent bath without making their tub look like a glorified washing machine.

Lifestyle's Safety Features

The victorian style walk-in bathtubs available from Lifestyle stays true to the smooth ergonomic interior that victorian bathtubs are known for, only with newly integrated safety features that include a low-threshold entrance, easy-to-reach grab bars, an anti-slip floor, and a leak-proof door.

Lifestyle's Four Victorian Models

Lifestyle's victorian product line has four models to choose from, and each model is suited for a set of therapeutic bathing needs. The Victorian models from Lifestyle are all the same size and only differ in their features. A brief description of four of their models and their uses can be found below.


The Euro model is perfect for seniors that just need an accessible bathtub to soak in. It uses water buoyancy to relieve the muscles of some of the gravitational force, enabling them for more movement and comfort. This basic kind of hydrotherapy improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, relieves headaches, and more

Legs Only Massage

Legs Only Massage

Lifestyle's Elan model uses 16 air jets for a bubble legs-only massage. This feature allows diabetics to have a quality bath for a predetermined period before they have to exit the bath. 20 - 30 minutes is more than enough for a diabetic to get the benefits they need from a leg massage before risking dehydration and irregular levels related to their homeostasis. Diabetics are advised to check the water temperature with their wrists before fully submerging the feet to prevent scalding.

To learn more about legs-only massage systems, click here.


Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage

The feature-heavy Elite includes both air and water massage systems, a heated blower, an in-line heater, and a chromotherapy LED.

20 minutes after your bath, the blower clears the stagnating water left in the lines to halt bacterial growth and contamination.

All enclosed within a stylish bathtub, the hydrotherapeutic features include 16 air jets and 6 whirlpool jets. Keeping your body rejuvenated are the air bubbles which swarm around you, get in your skin pores, and release the toxins trapped inside, leaving you with healthier and softer looking skin.

These features, combined with the LED color you choose to glow from your tub, creates a soothing and joyous bathing experience that's taken to another level with the help of cool and warm colors.

For more on the medical and therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy and chromotherapy, click here.

Back Massage

The Envy model does not have an air bubble massage system, it uses a whirlpool feature alone made up of 6 fully rotational jets. The rotational jets are located around the lower back and lower legs for bathers that need regular attention for those two areas. They work to make healing of the muscles in those areas faster by dilating the blood vessels and accelerating blood flow. 

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