Kohler Walk-In Tubs

Mar 08, 2016

When it comes to luxury, simplicity, quality, and ergonomic design, it's very tough to beat Kohler's Elevance line of models (aka rising wall bathtubs). Elevance cleans up very nicely with a timeless bathtub design that gives homeowners the feeling that it belongs in their bathroom, no matter how upscale.

If you don't fall in love with this bathtub, you don't have a heart. It's just that simple.

Walkthrough of the Elevance

Walkthrough of the Elevance

Let's take a look at how Kohler's rising wall model raises the bar in terms of safety and accessibility. Picture yourself in your own bathroom. You've replaced your old worn out bathtub with a newly installed, fresh Elevance model:

  1. The movable wall goes down as low as the seat itself. 
  2. If you're wheelchair-bound, it's as simple as sliding onto another seat.
  3. Built-in and wall mounted safety bars are there to assist you.
  4. Raising the bathtub wall back up again is as easy as lifting a half-gallon of milk.
  5. A simple lock inflates the seals to keep the door watertight.
  6. The waterfall fills the tub in minutes. The soothing sound and feel of the waterfall only add to the blissful experience.
  7. As the water fills, the Bask heating system is working to keep your neck, back and shoulders warm.
  8. The contoured non-slip interior is there to help you orient yourself within the tub and recline into a comfortable position.
  9. Once you're done, the dual-drain empties the tub in less than two minutes.
Elevance's 60" by 34" Rising Wall Air Bath

Elevance's 60" by 34" Rising Wall Air Bath

A good example of what Kohler rising wall models are capable of is the 60" by 34" Elevance air bath. Upon installation, the front rising wall is made removable to cut the width down from 34" to 30", enabling the tub to fit through a standard door.

All Elevance models are installed in an alcove. The surface is smooth to the touch and sturdy thanks to those strong layers of acrylic underneath. You'll notice that the seat is at an orthodox height. The rising wall is light (5 pounds) and requires minimal effort to lift.

While you wait for the tub to fill, the surface temperature of the tub can be heated with three heat settings at your disposal and it uses no more energy than that of a standard light bulb.

The air bath feature uses air jets to produce thousands of tiny bubbles that gently soothe the body from any muscular tension.

Customize the intensity of the massage with the variable-speed blower which generates pressure for up to 18 settings. This model, in particular, has 59 air jets placed throughout every corner of the tub without making the interior look like it's pinched and cluttered.

The smooth and wavy outlines of the tub's spacious interior is accentuated in its seamlessly contoured seat. Opposite to the slightly reclined comfortable backrest is the footwell that's there to help you orient your bodyweight into a comfortable equilibrium.

Tub Dimensions of All Elevance Models:

  • 32"W x 60"L
  • 34"W x 61"L

Warranty Information on All Elevance Models:

  • Lifetime limited warranty on the door's dual-seal.
  • 10-year limited warranty on the bath.

Kohler made its debut in 1873 with their first bathtubs and have been innovating and excelling their way to more and more ergonomic bathtub designs ever since.

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