Independent Home Walk In Tubs

Nov 21, 2016

Independent Home Walk In Tubs

It is no surprise that an accessible bathtub company, accredited with an A+ by the BBB, has managed to maintain positive customer ratings for years. Independent Home’s success is based on having a variety of reliable ADA compliant walk-in bathtubs and a host of accessories and upgrades to go with them.

Independent Home’s most popular products include walk-in tubs that are ADA compliant, wheelchair accessible, and equipped with hydrotherapy features.

To capture a broad range of different models, we’re going to showcase three of Independent Home’s products built to meet different needs for seniors.

The Royal Walk In Tub

While traditional walk-in bathtubs require a senior to be in a seated position when bathing, the Royal walk-in tub gives seniors who would rather be in a laying down position the option to do so safely. It stretches the length of a regular bathtub and features a power seat to assist the bather in and out of their comfortable flat seated position.

The power seat allows seniors that can’t bend their knees fully to achieve the flat position against a slightly reclined backrest with ease, without straining or outside assistance. With the push of a button, the 15.5” wide seat lifts and descends when the bather needs it, and it has a backup battery so it doesn’t leave them stranded in case of a power outage.

The step-in height of the foot of the door is set between 6”-7”, depending on how deep the tub sits on the bathroom floor. While this does answer the many prayers from seniors who are partially challenged in their mobility, wheelchair-bound seniors are not advised to use this tub on their own as it does not support true lateral access but it does offer a degree of it for some seniors, depending on the severity of their condition.

Easy and quick to install, the Royal can take the place of an old traditional bathtub as if it was never there.

Seniors looking to benefit from hydrotherapy’s healing properties will find soaking in this tub very easy, comfortable, and relaxing.

Rundown of Royal’s exclusive features:

  • Same size as traditional bathtubs [27.5”(W) x 59”(L) x 22”(H)].
  • 13.4” wide door.
  • Battery supported comfortable 15.5” wide power seat.
  • A low step-in height of 6”-7”.
  • Quick & easy to install.
  • Simple solution for seniors who want to soak in a lying down position.
  • Full hydrotherapy spa (air and whirlpool).
  • 100% lifetime warranty.

The Freedom Shower

Seniors who would rather maintain their hygiene with showers rather than baths or soaks are in for a treat. Independent Home’s Freedom Shower comes in three pieces with precision fitted seams to make transportation and installation quick and simple.

While traditional walk-in tubs can be quick in filling and draining themselves, there is no quicker alternative than a shower - a shower that has safety features for seniors with low mobility at that. The floor is non-slip, the lip is 4” high from the finished floor, the safety bars can be placed anywhere, and the seat is ADA compliant.  

Foot and soap ledges are molded out of the shower shell for comfortable seating and usefulness.

Wheelchair-bound seniors can make use of a ramp (sold separately) if they can’t temporarily leave their seat. Those who can, however, find it very easy to transfer themselves to the shower seat.

The four benefits of the Freedom Shower:

  • Faster Use: No one has time these days. Instead of waiting for one or two minutes for the tub to fill and drain between each bath, you can simply get in, turn the tap, and let the Freedom Shower do the rest.
  • Less Water Usage: Apart from the smaller environmental impact showers have, you essentially spare your pocket from excessive and unnecessary water waste.
  • More Hygienic: Instead of sitting in a cesspool of the microorganisms you just scrubbed off your shoulders, the Freedom Shower washes them off and spirals them into the drain.
  • Space Saving: The Freedom Shower occupies a smaller footprint in your bathroom without ever feeling claustrophobic.

The Imperial Walk In Tub

As the widest walk-in tub from Independent Home, the Imperial is bariatric - standing 40” high, stretching 54” long, 33” wide, with an inside width of 28”.

There is plenty of legroom in the tub’s comfortable interior. When opened, the 25.25” extra wide door makes way for an anti-slip floor and a 17” high seat for a more immersive and deep soak. Once inside and the leak-proof door is tightly sealed, the user can either choose to have a soak, regular bath, or air bath.

The air jet hydrotherapy system can be used to soothe and cleanse the body to achieve the ultimate experience of relaxation. If intended to be used for extended periods of time (longer than 20 minutes), the built-in heated blower will quietly work to keep the circulating air warm for as long as possible.

Soakers and bathing units typically become a hot spot for bacteria and mold to develop as a result of the dormant water that sits unnoticed. Thankfully, the Imperial includes a self-cleaning purge system that cleans the air tubes from any trapped water, eliminating the chances of mold growth.

Available in soft cream and white color options, the unit’s glossy fiberglass shell is reinforced with layers of triple gel coat to make it long lasting.

The Imperial’s standard features:

  • Can fit into the space of your current wide tub.
  • 17” ADA compliant seat.
  • Ideal for deep soaks.
  • Slip-resistant floor and seat.
  • Left or right door orientation.
  • Air massage system.
  • Chrome-finished Roman faucets with handheld shower head.
  • 100% lifetime warranty.

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