Hydro Systems Walk In Tubs

Nov 24, 2016

Hydro Systems Walk In Tubs

Founded and family run since 1978, Hydro Systems, Inc., has produced hot tubs for the public at reasonable prices to fulfill Alan Steinhardt's (the founder) vision. All their products are built in America, their main headquarters is in Valencia, California, and they have authorized dealers in every state. Custom built to perfection, their line of showers, sinks, drop in bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs, walk-in tubs, and accessories all operate and represent one of the best quality elements in design and functionality. 

Their Lifestyle 5230 walk-in tub model, in particular, is built by molding acrylic into the desired shape and finished with a thick layer of gel coat. The final product is a glossy, extremely durable, and stylish tub enclosure that's smooth on the skin, comfortable, and accessible to seniors. 

HydroSystems Walk In Tub

Capable of being a standard soaker, air massager, or whirlpool massager, the Lifestyle 5230 has a therapeutic versatility to combat and treat a wide host of conditions, illnesses, and diseases that often come with older age such as cardiovascular problems, joint and muscle problems, arthritis, breathing problems, diabetes (with proper use), poor blood circulation, headaches, and pain in general. 

HydroSystems Safety Features

Safety design elements in the Lifestyle 5230 become evident once you step into it, these design elements include: 

  • A 6" high entrance threshold
  • A 15" wide leak-proof door
  • ADA compliant 17" high seat
  • Angled safety grab bar
  • Non-skid floor and seat
  • Ergonomic door handle.

The Lifestyle's Specifications

The unit itself stretches to 52" in length, but if you need to retrofit it in place of a traditional bathtub, extension panels (available upon request) can be used to perfectly fit the unit in a 60" long space. With a water depth of 33.5", a 22" wide seat, and a 12.4° backrest slope, it's hard not to imagine how relaxing it would be when everything from the neck down is fully immersed. The floor of the footrest is 24" long and 22" wide, allowing for plenty of room when soaking or bathing without having to feel boxed in, and you never need to squeeze your legs together when the door swings inward.

Rundown of Lifestyle 5230's Specs:

  • Alcove style of installation (with or without extension panels).
  • Acrylic tub body with a thick layer of gel coat.
  • Standard colors: Almond, biscuit, bone, white.
  • Premium colors: Black, cashmere, ice gray, linen, Mexican sand, red, sandbar, sterling silver.

The Lifestyle's Therapeutic Features

Soaking, air massage, whirlpool, and chromatherapy can all be present in this nifty tub. Needless to say that soaking is a standard therapeutic feature with the 5230 as all it takes is to fill the tub up to the neck and let the water do the rest. Thanks to the water's buoyancy, it significantly reduces the force that gravity has on the joints, bones, and muscles, giving the body a brief respite from the daily grind.

You can also choose to add one of either the air massage system, whirlpool, or a combination of both. The air massager powers air injectors that generate countless minuscule bubbles to cover your body from neck to toe, cleansing it from dead skin cells and rejuvenating it. The whirlpool, on the other hand, works by pressurizing the water while it circulates through the closed waterline circuit, making for an unforgettable massaging experience. 

Another optional feature is the chromatherapy LED which has multiple color options that set the tone for the bath or soak. It works as a mood enhancer as well as a stimulant or relaxant, depending on the color of your choice. Warm colors (yellow, orange, red) help excite the mind for the daily tasks ahead while cool colors (blue, green, violet) soothe the mind to prepare for a goodnight's sleep.

Current Prices for HydroSystems' Walk In Tubs

The table data (retrievable from Home Depot) include the costs of three variations of the Lifestyle 5230 model with each having a different therapeutic feature from the next. Compare at your own leisure and make an informed decision that's right for you.

Comparison of the Models


 Cost  $5,584.84  $5,533.84  $4,778.36
 Tub Dimensions  30"W x 52"L x 40"H x 30"D  30"W x 52"L x 40"H x 30"D  30"W x 52"L x 40"H x 30"D

Product Details

 Color  White  White  Biscuit
 Controls Type  Manual  Manual  N/A
 Door Orientation  Left-Handed  Right-Handed  Right-Handed
 Door Direction  Inward  Inward  Inward
 Drain Location  Left  Right  Right
 Faucet Mount Style  Variable  Variable  Variable
 Therapeutic Features  Air Massage  Whirlpool  Standard Soaker
 Number of Jets  8  8  N/A
 Jet Settings  N/A  1  N/A
 Tub Weight (lb.)  275  275  245
 Return Policy  90 Days  90 Days  90 Days
 Style of Installation  Alcove or Tile-In  Tile-In  Alcove or Tile-In
 Water Capacity (gal.)  74  74  74

Warranties and Certifications

 Certifications  UL & IAPMO Certified  UL & IAPMO Certified  UL & IAPMO Certified
 Warranty  "99/9 Limited Warranty"  "99/9 Limited Warranty"  "99/9 Limited Warranty"


Hydro Systems boast a service that guarantees coverage on tub features for 99 years and features of certain parts for 9 years. Faulty tub shells and problems caused from workmanship that led to water loss are covered for 99 years. From the date of purchase, limited labor is provided to the unit's owner should plumbing problems due to faulty production occur within the first 3 years. Plumbing parts (excluding fittings and pipelines), supporting legs, and controls are all covered for 9 years.

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