Envy Walk-In Tubs

May 05, 2016

Envy's walk-in tubs have various safety, therapy, and comfort features.

Envy has eighteen walk-in bathtub designs under its belt, all of which are exceptionally good at providing seniors with the enhanced quality of life that they deserve.

Envy's Safety Features

They all share the same safety qualities that walk-in tubs are known for: 

  • A low step-in height.
  • A safety grab bar.
  • The textured anti-slip floor.
  • An ADA compliant seat.
  • An ergonomic door handle.

Envy's Therapy & Comfort Features

Envy walk-in tubs offer a variety of comfort and therapy features to experience double healing benefits and relaxation. They come with Air and Water Massage Systems. The In-Line Water Heater will allow you to keep warm while your water drains and helps with your aches while relaxing in your tub. In addition, Envy walk-in tubs consist of a bidet jet which is specifically positioned in the seat of the tub to provide you with unsurpassed comfort, convenience, and safety. Special sanitizing features include an Ozonator, a powerful natural oxidizer that helps eliminate bacteria and keep the system in your walk-in bathtub sparkling clean. Chromotherapy is also a feature of Envy’s walk-in tubs that employs variable colors of light within the tub to help with stress and different pains. Experience relaxing aromas of essential oils with Aromatherapy. Other features include wall surrounds, head and neck rest, and a heated backrest. Other comfortable and convenient features consist of Deck Mounted Handheld Shower, touchpad control panel and a door mounted towel hanger.

The Ultra Models

The Ultra series is their most prized product line and it comprises of models that vary in prices and sizes. They all share the same number of hydrotherapy jets - 6 whirlpool jets and 21 air jets -  left/right door orientations, an astounding lifetime warranty on the door seals, and a 10-year warranty on all other components and fixtures.

Let's give a rundown of three of these models and explain what is better suited to meet your needs.

The Standard Ultra Walk in tubs

The Standard Ultra

The standard sized Jetted Ultra does not hold back when it comes to its therapeutic, safety, and comfort features. It has the same number of massage units, a door mounted towel rack, a 17" high contoured seat, and a strong body reinforced with acrylic. 53" long and 26" wide, this accessible bathtub is perfect for bathrooms that don't have a lot of room, and can even fit into your existing bathtub's space.

  • Size (LxWxH): 53"x26"x38".
  • Color: White.
  • Base price: $3,399.
  • Price with luxury items: $3,899.

The Standard Ultra XL

Another installment from Envy that's also made of heavy duty acrylic and finished with triple gel coat is the Ultra Jetted XL model. Although it looks identical to its regular-sized predecessor, it is 7" longer and 4" wider for slightly larger users that need more space for a comfortable bathing experience. 

  • Size (LxWxH): 60"x30"x38".
  • Color: White.
  • Base price: $3,699.
  • Price with luxury items: $4,399.

The Ultra Royale

The Ultra Royale walk in tub

Our third and final selection from Envy's Ultra series is the Royale model. It is the widest walk-in tub in this product line, making it ideal for bariatric users that find trouble in using traditional bathtubs. Using this tub means swinging open a wide door to a slip-resistant, spacious bath enclosure with a conveniently positioned grab bar.

  • Size (LxWxH): 60"x36"x38".
  • Color: White.
  • Base price: $4,299.
  • Price with luxury items: $4,599.

Envy's Economics

The sum price of Envy's upgrades is a sizable $1,925. However, their economics allows them to sell a fully loaded Ultra model for a fraction of the price. Coupled with their Tuesday savings, you can save anywhere between $400 and $1,300.

Take a look at a cost breakdown of their Ultra Series Jetted standard walk-in tub.

Envy's Economics

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