Ella's Bubbles Acrylic Walk-In Tubs

Mar 09, 2016

Ella's Bubbles Acrylic Walk-In Tubs

The amount of upgrades, add-ons, and features brought to the fore by Ella gives their customers unrivaled configuration options.

With acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs, roll-in and low-threshold showers to choose from, it would be hard to find a new bathroom addition that's more distinctive and personal than what Ella's Bubbles have to offer in their catalog.

Introducing Ella's Elite 360

Introducing Ella's Elite 360

The Ella Elite 360 comes in two variations: A model with dual-hydrotherapy and a standard soaker. It has the same exterior width as that of the Ella Deluxe (29.75") but with a wider seat (21.75") and backrest. The tub's shell derives its strength from the grade A acrylic reinforced with fiberglass.

The shield-shaped door has a frame made of brushed nickel and an interior made of tempered glass. The shield symbol integrated into the design of the door isn't a meandering marketing ploy. The shape of the door is meant to emphasize security and to serve as a reminder to seniors that they can feel at ease within this hazard proof vessel.

In the case of the Elite 360, the door swings inward and is removable - a standard for all models - to make cleaning effortless. All Ella tubs with inwardly swinging doors include an adjustable thermostatic control valve that prevents abrupt fluctuations in the water temperature.

If you want to enhance your bathing experience and bring your favorite downtime muse along for the ride, this beautiful tub has a removable swivel tray with a full circular range as an added convenience for book lovers. Wine enthusiasts will also be delighted to find a glass fitment in this tray.

Summary of Features:

  • Acrylic Tub Shell
  • Strong, Removable, Anti-Leak Door
  • Adjustable Thermostatic Control Valve
  • Removable Swivel Tray

Accessibility & Safety

Accessibility & Safety

The Elite 360 model is 52.25" long but can fit in a traditional 59" space with the use of extension panels.

Its height can be altered from the 8 adjustable leveling legs behind the removable front access panels. The height can be raised or lowered by 3" which consequently alters the height of the step-in between 5.5" and 8.5" to where you're comfortable.

If you require mobile assistance in general, there are two built-in grab bars - one sits vertical on the rim and the other is at an angle in the interior wall - which you could use for extra assistance and also as a hook to keep your crutches from tipping over. Once you open the door by swinging it inward, the glistening textured floor and contoured seat are the first things you'll notice when entering the tub.

The water will fill the tub in a matter of minutes thanks to the chrome finished 5-piece brass Ella set which can be replaced by two other faucets upon purchase: These include the fast fill Roman tub faucet and the traditional Roman tub faucet - both of which are sold separately.

Summary of Features:

  • Can Fit in Standard Tub Space
  • Adjustable Leveling Legs
  • Removable Access Panels
  • 5.5" - 8.5" High Step-In
  • Two Built-In Grab Bars
  • Bathing Independence
  • Inwardly Swinging Door
  • Slip-Resistant Floor
  • Contoured Seat
  • Standard Chrome Finished Brass Faucet
  • The Choice Between a Fast Fill Roman Faucet and a Traditional Roman Faucet 
Therapeutic Features

Therapeutic Features

You can shift the Elite 360 standard soaker's hydrotherapy benefits up to high gear with Ella's dual massage system. The dual massage system is made up of a whirlpool spa and an air bath - a combination made in heaven - so act now and improve the quality of your life with the best massage systems on the market.

Concentrated massages are necessary as some muscles need more attention than others. That's why 4 of the 14 whirlpool jets in the tub are adjustable. The whirlpool system also incorporates an air flow regulator, an in-line water heater, and an Ozone sterilization system. The air flow regulator adjusts the intensity of the massage while the in-line heater keeps the circulating water warm for the full duration of your bath. The third whirlpool counterpart is the Ozone sterilization system which purifies the tub from any bacteria and mold and keeps it hygienic for you and your spouse.

The air bath (10 air jets), on the other hand, gives you a gentler massage than the whirlpool and rejuvenates your skin with a soothing grace. That's not all for Ella's dual massage system, as chromotherapy (color therapy) jumps into the mix. With cool and warm colors to choose from that harmonize the mind and body, this delightful feature has soothing effects that uplift the experience of hydrotherapy. Using the multi-function shower, you can operate the intensity and focus of the water flow for you to bathe and clean yourself.

Once you're done floating back down to earth, the 2" dual drain system is using the force of gravity to propel the water completely from the tub in under 80 seconds (under ideal plumbing conditions). Pull the stainless steel handle towards you, with minimal effort, to swing the door open for you to exit. 

Summary of Features:

Tub Dimensions:

  • 29.75″W x 52.25″L (59″ with extension panels) x 38″H

Other Features:

  • Headrest
  • Bathtub Seat Pillow and Riser


  • Lifetime coverage on the tub frame, door, the door seal gasket, and the tub shell. 5 years applies to all other components.

Since 2005, Ella's Bubbles have been leading the walk-in bathtub industry to new creative heights of development and distribution within North America. A Chicago-based business that's accredited with an A+ rating by the BBB, Ella has received zero complaints from customers thanks to their professionalism and outstanding customer service.

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