Eagle Bath Walk In Tubs

Nov 22, 2016

Based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Eagle Bath Inc. works to produce quality walk-in tubs that are accessible, safe to use and add value to your home. They design luxury showers and steamers as well, so they’re not strangers to designs that promote relaxation and comfort.

Eagle Bath’s walk-in tubs are restricted to three soakers, all of which are built to last and provide enough support for seniors of any size or condition.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Soaking

Even though Eagle Bath’s walk-in tubs are limited in the number of hydrotherapeutic features they provide, soaking is as therapeutic as they come when it comes to its benefits. These benefits include an overall improvement in blood circulation, blood pressure, headaches, anxiety, the flu, and a host of other complications.

More on the benefits of soaking can be found here.

The CWB-3035 Soaker

The Eagle Bath CWB-3035 soaker is the sleekest looking model with contoured design features that enhance the overall look of any bathroom. Able to be installed in a side-to-wall or corner-to-wall fashion, the tub is generous about its footprint and great for most bathroom arrangements that need every inch of space. Even though it is 53” long, 30” wide, and 41” tall, the unit never feels like it is excessive or tight as far as its interior space goes.

Once seated in its anti-slip chair and your feet are resting on the textured floor, you’ll feel very safe and in good hands. The ergonomic door handle, safety bars, and chrome finished shower head are placed within arm’s reach to help you support yourself upon exit, entry, and bathing in this capable vessel. On the door’s exterior, a towel hanger is mounted which could also be used as an extra safety bar.

The CWB-3035 Soaker’s Features:

The CWB-3555 Soaker

Similar to its predecessor, Eagle Bath’s CWB-3555 soaker has a near L-shape to its inward swinging door, this is meant to give the senior more legroom when seated and to make sure it doesn’t hit the knees upon closing and opening. Although, the unit wouldn’t be too sparing since it has a spacious interior that’s 4” longer and 2.5” wider than the previous soaker – plenty of room for a thorough and enjoyable soak.

The CWB-3555 Soaker’s Features:

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