Clarke Walk-In Tubs

Mar 08, 2016

Clarke's product line of walk-in bathtubs is referred to as Wellness. Clarke's models are characterized by strong acrylic construction, wide doors, and features that keep seniors safe when bathing.

Their line is composed of five walk-in tubs that vary in size and shape. These five models are outlined below along with their dimensions, and water and weight capacities.

The standard qualities for all of Clarke's Wellness models are classified as the "basic" features:

  • High-gloss acrylic tub shell.
  • ADA-compliant 17" chair height.
  • Ergonomic door latch and handle.
  • Standard assistance bar.
  • Digital temperature gauge with alarm.
  • Adjustable leveling legs.
  • Anti-leak door.
  • Anti-slip floor.
SKU Length (in.) Width (in.) Deck H (in.) Lip H (in.) Gallons (in.) Weight (lbs.)
2651D 51 26 35.75 34 108 222
2853D 53 28 35.75 34 116 222
3053D 53 30 36 34.25 112 250
3055D 55 30 44.25 42.5 112 250
3260D 60 32 33 31.25 116 250

Clarke's Wellness Walk-In Tubs

Clarke's Wellness Walk-In Tubs

At 26 inches wide and 51 inches long, Clarke's smallest model (2651D) has a strong slip-resistant shell and a U-shaped door. It can fit any standard tub space with extension panels without taking up unnecessary space in your bathroom. This is a petite design that's perfect for small bathrooms, bathrooms with shower stalls, or as a replacement for a bathtub with an excessively large footprint.

Wheelchair accessible models are often in-your-face and excessive with respect to their sizes. The 2853D model has a modest design capable of much more than other tubs of its size. Its inwardly swinging door has a slight L-shape that makes accessibility more convenient. The door curve allows most wheelchair-bound seniors to enter and exit the tub with the help of built-in grab bars. Ensuring their safety and quality bathing.

The 3055D's interior is 35" deep that is perfectly suited to be a deep soaker for taller persons. If you have trouble getting over the walls of a regular tub and can't immerse your body to a level you're comfortable with, this walk-in bathtub is perfect for you.

The largest of Clarke's models is the 3260D that's 32" wide and 60" long. Bariatric users will find solace and peace of mind in this slickly designed bathtub. The ADA-compliant, 25" wide, contoured seat is very comfortable and is no exception to the spaciousness of the interior of this wonderful bathroom addition.

All the models available can integrate your combination of therapeutic features, factory installed features, and the field installed features of your choice as shown below.

Hydrotherapy (whirlpool massage):

  • Air switch activated 7.8 Amp/1.25 HP pump/motor.
  • Fully adjustable water jets to control the direction of the water pressure for specific muscle groups.
  • Jet trim of satin nickel or polished chrome.

Air massage:

  • Air switch activated 1 HP blower with 200 W inline heater.
  • Purge cycle to maintain tub hygiene by cleaning the airlines from any water.
  • Jet trim of satin nickel or polished chrome.

Total massage (dual-therapy):

  • Both whirlpool and air massage systems activated by dual-air switches.


  • 9 LED lights positioned just below the water line to heighten the therapeutic atmosphere.
  • Easy-touch keypad controls.

Factory Installed Options:

  • Air switch activated mood light.
  • Replace the standard safety bar with an angled one.

Field Installed Options:

  • A tile flange kit.
  • An extension panel for a perfect fit within a larger tub space. 
  • An end panel if the tub is freestanding on one side.
  • Roman faucet set with chrome finish.

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