Best Bath Walk-In Tubs

May 02, 2016

Best Bath Systems have been designing bathroom products since 1969 and manufacture all of their products in Caldwell, Idaho. Their products - from walk-in tubs to traditional showers - are built for everyone and anyone, including seniors facing mobility challenges when it comes to accessing and using traditional bathtubs.

The safety components included in Bestbath's walk-in tubs are:

Bestbath's Popular Models

Below you can find brief descriptions of Bestbath's most popular walk-in bathtubs, who they're ideal for, and what their strengths are.

The Big-E is 60 inches wide, making it specially tailored for bariatric patients and - to an extent - wheelchair bound users, depending on the severity of their condition. Once the door is swung open, you can use the easy-to-reach safety bars to transfer yourself from seat to seat.

The spacious interior is outlined with your choice of air jets, water jets, or no jets at all.

Depending on your height, the Big-E can be used either as a soaker (standard), air or hydro massager.

Bestbath's Liberty model is the definition of efficiency and making the best out of a small situation. At 40 inches tall and 50.75 inches wide, Liberty turns your small vacant bathroom corner into a fully functional, comfortable, and luxurious bathtub.

The smooth surface and slightly reclined backrest make this walk-in tub accommodating for a spa-like environment when equipped with your choice of hydrotherapy

Escape Plus is the name given to Bestbath's deepest walk-in bathtub yet. This 53 inches tall model offers the largest water depth in Bestbath's catalog, making it ideal for tall users that want to enjoy a warm soak and relax.

Apart from being watertight, the inwardly swinging door has an L-shaped design to make way for legroom upon opening and closing without having to squeeze your knees together when you need to enter/exit.

Bestbath's Walk-In Tub Optional Upgrades

For more information on how these walk-in tubs fair up in terms of their prices, refer to the table below. The table includes a cost breakdown for all upgrades and enhancements applicable to the models in this article.

Costs Comparison of All Three Tubs and Their Custom Upgrades

  Big-E  Walk in Tubs
Liberty - Walk in Tubs Escape Plus  - Walk in Tubs
 Model Big-E Liberty Escape Plus
 Standard Model Cost $8,077.51 $4,907.21 $5,660
Valve, Faucet, and Handshower Trim
 Brushed Bronze $1,091.70 $1,091.70 $1,091.70
 Brushed Nickel $1,091.70 $1,091.70 $1,091.70
 Chrome $764.19 $764.19 $764.19
 Oil Rubbed Bronze $1,091.70 $1,091.70 $1,091.70
 Polished Graphite $1,091.70 $1,091.70 $1,091.70
Optional Equipment
 3-Panel Wall Surround $1,531.64 N/A $1,588
 3-Piece Wall Surround (60 Inches) N/A $1,351 N/A
 Weighted Curtain (White) $127.73 $145.13 $145.13
 Curtain Rod Kit w/ Ceiling Support $251.09 $288.98 N/A
 Air Jet System $1,155.92 $1,155.92 $1,155.92
 3-Inch Flange Trim Kit (White) $230.28 $230.28 $230.28
 Thermostatic Valve with Handshower $1,053.49 $1,053.49 $1,053.49
 Water Jet System $1,155.92 $1,155.92 $1,155.92
 Ozone Cleaning System $453.06 $453.06 N/A
 Flange Trim Kit (Tub and Walls) N/A $271.83 $271.83
 L/R Extension Kit for 60-Inch Space N/A $345.45 N/A
Color Selection
 Almond $147 $147 $147
 Biscuit $147 $147 $147
 Bone $147 $147 $147
Total Cost Range After Custom Upgrades
 Loaded w/ Hydrotherapy and Other Options $14,948 - $15,275 $12,270 - $12,597 $12,172 - $12,499

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