Best Buy Walk-in Tubs

Feb 29, 2016

Best Buy has been family-owned and operated since 2006, offering walk-in bathtubs, slide-in bathtubs, and roll-in showers at affordable prices. 

No two people are the same according to Best Buy. People have individual needs that are best compatible with their own lifestyle. Best Buy's three premier lines of varying designs can be altered with custom add-ons to meet those individual expectations.

Let's start with a rundown of their safety features, and then go on to show their models and specs.

Best Buy's Standard Safety Features:

  • Low Step-In Height (2" - 6")
  • Anti-Slip Floor and Seat
  • Leak-Proof Doors
  • 2 Grab Bars
  • Bacteria Resistant Gel Coat Surface
  • Your Choice of Left/Right-Handed Door


Sienna Walk in Tub

The Sienna is the original model that debuted for Best Buy and is still the most popular today due to its user-friendly design. So much so that it encourages seniors to bathe independently.

You can take your pick from different variations, ranging from a soaker, air massager, or water massager (28 air jets & 30 water jets).

The normal step-in height for this model is 5.5" which can be lowered to 2.5" upon request. 

The locations of the jets circle around the floor, legs, and seat. The air jets have three speeds adjustable by the push of a button.

The auto-purge cycle that comes with the hydrotherapy system clears the jets from any remaining water left in the lines to keep your tub hygienic from mold formation. 

The built-in grab bars assist you when you enter/exit, and the inward swinging door is wide (18") to makes it easy for you to navigate in and out of the tub. Just open the door to a non-skid floor and seat, shut the door using the user-friendly sure-grip locking handle and away you go. No caregivers. No helpers. 

Sienna's dimensions: 52.5" L X 30.5" W X 37" H


Classic Walk in tub

The Classic is the luxurious pick from the bunch, with your choice of adding hydrotherapy (air and water) and/or chromotherapy on top of the built-in aromatherapy diffuser.

The tub comes with four packets of beads when purchased. Enjoy the scent of chamomile in the midst of a soothing bubble massage and leave your troubles behind.

Choose between warm/cool colours with chromotherapy (LED lighting system) to relax or stimulate your body and mind.

This beautiful tub has an 18" wide entrance (opens inwardly) and a 24" wide seat for comfort. There are 10 whirlpool jets that can be removed and placed in different positions to your liking. Position the jets to focus more water pressure on particular muscle groups to soothe pain and swelling.

Each therapeutic setting aids in the direction of a certain task throughout the day. Whether you're about to smell the coffee or go to bed, the therapeutic features here will better prepare you for what's to come.

Classic's dimensions: 52.5" L X 30.5" W X 37" H


The Supreme is the largest and deepest tub Best Buy has to offer in its latest product line. At a 34" water depth (from the floor to the overflow), the tub can accommodate particularly tall seniors for deeper water immersion and soaking. Available in white and almond, this newest line from Best Buy has a 6" low step-in, non-slip floors, and a comfortable contoured seat.

The gel coat surface of Best Buy's models maintain their low-maintenance hygienic properties by being bacteria-resistant, and the Supreme is no exception.

Supreme's dimensions: 51.5"L X 30.25" W X 40"H

HISA Grant for Texan Veterans

Best Buy is approved by VA in Texas. Veterans with service-connected disabilities that are living in Texas can receive a home improvement grant from the Home Improvement Structural Alterations (HISA). If the veteran is declared to be 50-100% disabled by the VA he/she could receive a grant of up to $6,800 for the purchase of a Best Buy model.

Warranty information: Best Buy offers customers a lifetime warranty on the door and double door seal, the tub shell, and the steel frame. All other components are covered for 10 years.

Best Buy is accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and all of its products meet the safety requirements put forth by Underwriters Laboratories. All Best Buy products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

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