Bathing Solutions Walk-in Tubs

Feb 29, 2016

Bathing Solutions (UK) is one of the first few British companies to make accessible bathrooms for the elderly. Apart from accessible bathtubs, they provide wet room showers and walk-in showers. Their professionalism is evident not just in their customer service but in their qualitative safety-conscious designs. Three models are presented below that show the level of ingenuity and art invested in their bathtubs for seniors.

Standard Safety Features

  • Guaranteed leak-free door.
  • Door with wide-opening.
  • Simple and safe entry.
  • Slip-resistant.
  • Taps are thermostatically controlled.
  • Safety grab bars.

The Royale Model

The Royale Model

Bathing Solutions' The Royale is a traditional sized bathtub with a glass door made up of two disconnected segments. The upper part is used as a shower screen to catch the water from creating a hazard on the bathroom floor after a stand-up shower. The lower part is to stop leaks when the bathtub is filled and being used as a soaker.

The upper half of the tub outlines the same oval shape of the door to create an elegant appearance while the lower portion is straight and rectangular.

You couldn't believe how spacious this tub was on the inside after seeing its relatively small footprint from the outside. This is the result of the oval shape where you normally shower and the transparent doors that give the illusion of a larger space. No sense of feeling wedged in.

The main drawback with this model, however, is that there is no seat. If you're especially immobile, a possible solution would be a transfer seat/bench, a power seat, or a bath lift chair. To learn more about these kinds of devices, visit this article

The combination of hydrotherapeutic benefits (soaking), showering in a slickly designed interior, the low-height threshold entrance, and safety features make this pick a favorite among seniors.



Fitting a standard hot tub in a small space for its therapeutic benefits can be impractical for homeowners. It would seem that the only viable solution would be a complete bathroom makeover or a tub you could've sworn initiated the first claustrophobic experience in your life. Nonsense. The affordable and reasonable solution is Bathing Solutions' Minuette. A compact design that's perfect for small bathrooms and making the best out of a small space.

It can be installed back-to-wall or side-to-wall. Read this article if you want to approach bathroom remodeling with walk-in tubs the right way. To learn more about the different styles of bathtub installation, click here.

This nifty vessel houses hydrotherapy while keeping everything safe and controlled. Any senior will feel secure and taken care of in its spacious and slip-resistant interior. 



The Harmony

The Harmony

Bathing Solutions' The Harmony is a creative blend of safety, usefulness, and style. It combines the two main perks of its predecessors, and these are the Royale's stand-up shower feature and the Minuette's compact design.

This sleek looking model is fitted with a fixed shower screen made of glass. It uses a wall mounted riser rail for the suspended shower head for when it's time to have a seated or stand-up shower.

A senior will need no assistance other than the low step-in height and easy-to-reach grab bars (mounted and built-in). The door which has a wide opening swings outwardly so no legroom within the tub is sacrificed at any point. 

Bathing Solutions' Steps for a Professional Service 

  1. A free home survey is conducted prior to installation by a mobility bathing specialist.
  2. Installation takes less than a day.
  3. The installation team will not leave any mess behind.
  4. Lifetime coverage on the door seal.

Bathing Solutions has been commended by the Arthritis Foundation for their product's ease-of-use. They are UK based with many shop locations spread throughout all parts of England. They provide a comprehensive guarantee on all products and installation work.

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