BathAid Walk-In Tubs

Aug 01, 2016

BathAid Walk-In Tubs

Thinking about enhancing your home's value? A walk-in tub is one of the best ways to do that, apart from the kitchen makeovers and bathroom renovations. All of BathAid's models are made right here in the U.S of A, with quality in design and components to back it up.

BathAid's models are very capable of achieving new levels of relaxation and comfort. Slick in appearance with a modern touch in push-button controls, their models house all the safety and therapeutic features you would ever need. 

All the handles, dials, and taps of the tub are included with arthritis patients in mind. Requiring very little effort to operate, the tub's controls are extremely easy and safe to use.

The Safety Features:

  • Built-in safety bar.
  • Effortless controls.
  • 3.8" step-in height.
  • Slip-resistant ADA-compliant seat.
  • Slip-resistant floor.
  • Wheelchair accessibility.
Therapeutic Features for walk in tubs

Therapeutic Features

This model's hydrotherapy comprises of ten adjustable water jets, six of which are directed at the lower back, two at the knees, and two at the back of the calves. There are sixteen air jets, on the other hand, and they're all connected with an in-line heater to keep the air circulation and the full length of your bath warm. 

The tub also comes with a chromotherapy LED designed to calm the senses even further with cool or warm colors of your choice. Much like chromotherapy, aromatherapy uses relaxing and stimulating agents - smell rather than color in this case - to improve health and treat illnesses. Easing the tension in your joints or calming your respiratory system might be just what you need before a good night's sleep.

Rundown of features:

  • 10 fully adjustable water jets.
  • 16 air jets.
  • In-line water heater.
  • Air heater.
  • Chromotherapy
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Personal hygiene bidet.
Structural Features for walk in tubs

Structural Features

The inward swinging door of the tub can have either a left or right orientation depending on what you need. Once opened, you'll notice a weep drain under the door seal placed to catch excess water when the tub is being used. The tub itself is made from acrylic and fiberglass - a perfect combination that ensures stability, strength, and durability. The fiberglass layer is mold and bacteria resistant to improve the longevity of your tub's hygienic and maintenance properties. 

Click here and learn more about acrylic and fiberglass walk-in tubs.

Underneath the shell itself is the aluminum frame, giving your tub that much needed optimal support in weight and water capacity. The six legs attached to the frame are adjustable, enabling you to adjust the height of the seat and step-in. 

The available sizes for this model include your own combination of the lengths and widths of 48", 53", or 55", and 28", 31", or 32", respectively.

Rundown of features:

  • A hybrid combination of acrylic, fiberglass, and aluminum.
  • 6 adjustable leveling legs.
  • Weep drain.
  • Inward swinging door.
  • Sizes vary from 48" to 55" in length, and 28" to 32" in width.
  • Able to fit into standard tub space.
  • UL-tested and certified.

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