Ariel Walk-In Tubs

Mar 07, 2016

Ariel bathtubs are the product of good engineering, sturdy construction, and stylish design at affordable prices. All Ariel walk-in bathtubs give seniors the independence and safety they deserve, which is something no regular bathtub can do on its own. 

Let's look at Ariel's features, models, prices, and sizes. 

The Safety Features Shared by All of  Ariel's Models:

  • Low Step-In Height.
  • ADA-Compliant 17" High Seat.
  • Non-Slip Floor.
  • Built-In Safety Bar.

*$1,999: Ariel Bath's 26" wide 2561 model is a wonderful addition for homeowners looking to up the utility of their small bathroom. Able to fit perfectly into regular tub space with the use of extension panels, this model can be installed side-to-wall or in a corner.

You have the option to stack this machine with the therapeutic features that you need to get the most out of such a small footprint. 

 Ariel Bath's 26" wide 2561 model

*$2,499: There's nothing like soaking in the bathtub for 10 - 15 minutes only to be comforted even more with a soothing air bath. Ariel Bath's 3054 model is 30" wide and 54" long, perfect for an air massage system. This system is made up of an air pump powering 18 jets positioned all around the seat and foot rest.

This is a very comfortable model because of its contoured spacious interior. Sitting in a 23" wide slightly reclined seat, you will feel right as rain in the midst of this bliss generating machine. 

Air Series Features:

  • 18 air jets.
  • Pneumatic on/off push control for massage systems.
  • Air pump.

*$3,033: Ariel Bath's largest model includes all the safety features you would expect from a walk-in bathtub with the option of adding an air bath or a dual-hydrotherapy feature.

Ariel Bath's largest model

The size of the 3555 model, as well as the curvature of the door, allow for a lot of legroom when bathing. The door's curved design also assists wheelchair-bound users by making the chair more accessible to them with the help of the built-in grab bars.

Take advantage of the dual series variation of this model and have both an air massage and a whirlpool spa within the enclosure of this nifty machine. 18 air jets and 6 adjustable whirlpool jets are controlled by on/off operations. The 6 whirlpool jets are adjustable to control the water pressure being released and to focus it on one particular area of the body that needs more treatment.

Visit this article to learn more about hydrotherapy's treatment of diseases

Dual Series Features:

  • 6 adjustable whirlpool jets.
  • Pneumatic on/off push control for massage systems.
  • Hydro pump.
  • Inline heater.

*All prices were retrieved from Home Depot's website.

Ariel's line of Soakers, Air Baths, and Dual-Hydrotherapy models are all available in the following sizes:

  • 2651 Model: 26"W x 51"L x 38"H
  • 3048 Model: 29"W x 48"L x 38"H
  • 3052 Model: 30"W x 52"L x 41"H
  • 3054 Model: 30"W x 54"L x 39"H
  • 3060 Model: 30"W x 60"L x 37"H
  • 3555 Model: 35"W x 55"L x 45"H

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