AmeriGlide Walk-in Tubs

Feb 25, 2016

Safety Features

All AmeriGlide models include the standard safety features in their very designs as you would expect. AmeriGlide is constantly releasing home technologies designed to aid and assist seniors in regaining their mobility and independence within their domestic spaces. These safety qualities are shared by all of AmeriGlide's walk-in tubs, with some of them being exclusive to certain models:

  • Low Threshold Entrance (0” – 7” from the Floor)
  • *Wheelchair Accessible
  • Easy-to-Reach Grab Bars
  • Slip-Resistant Floor and Seat
  • Sturdy Tub Body with the weight capacity to support you
  • Leak-Proof Doors

*The level of wheelchair accessibility depends on the severity of the wheelchair-bound user's condition. Some models are easier to access than others.

For a brief overview of the safety features of walk-in bathtubs, click here.

Sanctuary's Flexible Choices

AmeriGlide’s Sanctuary Walk-in Tub is a popular choice among seniors. With four different available dimensions available at no additional fees, this reliable bathtub comes equipped with a built-in grab bar and an inward (left-handed/right-handed) swinging door. At 6.25” high off the ground, the low-threshold entrance is designed to prevent accidental hazards upon entry and exit of the tub. It comes with a wall mounted chrome safety bar for extra assistance and a riser rail for the one-piece faucet and hand held shower.

You have the option of adding whirlpool and air jets at an extra fee: $570 for a water jet system, $570 for an air jet system, and $1,130 for both therapeutic systems (dual hydrotherapy systems are only available for certain sizes of this model).

AmeriGlide’s Sanctuary is made up of a durable 7-layer fiberglass body that’s finished with a 7-layer marine grade gel coat. This model is only available in white and cream colors.

This senior’s tub is available in the following sizes and water capacities:

  • 28" W x 48" L x 37.5" H - 40 Gallons
  • 26" W x 53" L x 37.5" H - 38 Gallons
  • 29.25" W x 54" L x 37.5" H - 40 Gallons
  • 31.25" W x 50" L x 37.5" H - 40 Gallons

Warranty guidelines: AmeriGlide’s Sanctuary enjoys extensive warranty coverage for excellent customer satisfaction. Excessive wear and scratches due to cleaning aren’t a liability for AmeriGlide. They cover 25 years for the door seal, 2 years for the tub’s components, and off a 1-year labor warranty for the tub components.

A Space Saving Model

A Space Saving Model

AmeriGlide’s Sanctuary Petite Easy Soak Walk-in Tub is a space saver that fits into any bathroom. However, its size doesn’t hinder its ability to be loaded with the therapeutic features that your heart desires.

Apart from the therapeutic benefit of water buoyancy that you get from this standard soaker, you have the choice to add more features at additional costs - $429 for the whirlpool jet system, $572 for the air jet system, and $858 to include both systems. An incredible utility optimizing unit that fits through a 27” wide door and installs in a back-to-wall fashion.

The left-handed/right-handed door hinges attach to an industrial grade, low-maintenance and sturdy acrylic tub body.

It’s impractical to wait for the tub to drain completely every time you want to exit. For $278, you can include an auto drain system which drains the water in less than a minute.

Dimensions and water capacity: 27" W x 38.5" L x 36.25" H - 43 Gallons

Warranty coverage: This petite model comes with a lifetime warranty on the door seal, 10 years on the tub body, 5 years on the pump and motor, and 1 year on the faucets.

Supersized Walk-in Tub

Supersized Walk-in Tub

The Sanctuary Supersize is a luxury oriented, safety walk-in bathtub. This model is able to host any bather - bariatric, wheelchair users, and seniors. The seat is situated close to the inwardly swinging door for wheelchair accessibility. The extra room in the tub provides a great deal of comfort, with or without the add-on therapeutic features that you could get for maximum therapeutic benefit.

The very glossy tub body is constructed from reinforced fiberglass that’s covered with a high gloss triple-layer gel coat. The add-on therapeutic features water massage, air massage, and dual-massage cost $429, $572, and $858 respectively.

The step-in height is a safe height of 6” from the ground.

Dimensions and water capacity: 36" W x 60" L x 39" H - 75 Gallons

The level of quality incorporated into this model matches that of the excellent warranty service: A lifetime coverage on the door seal, 10 years on the tub body, 5 on the pump and motor, and 1 on the faucets.

Find a Store Near You

Other products and services that AmerGlide provide to seniors include bath lifts, dumbwaiters, elevators, evacuation products, inclined platform lifts, lift chairs, mobility scooters, pool lifts, portable showers, power wheelchairs, stair lifts, vehicle wheelchair lifts, vertical platform lifts, wheelchair lifts, wheelchair ramps, and wheelchair vehicles. They have stores in 13 states across the country that are easily trackable via their website's store locator. 

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