American Tubs Walk-In Bathtubs

May 05, 2016

American Tubs custom built walk-in tubs meet your specific bathing needs. Their main headquarters is in California and they have dealers in all 51 states, all of which are ready for a free in-home consultation.

American Tubs have three product lines to choose from that suit different bathroom layouts and hydrotherapy needs. Their three product lines are Care series, Love series, and Sain series.

First, we will list American Tubs' safety features and, in the interest of variety, we will take one model from each product line and give a brief description of the product. Later on, we will gloss over the hydrotherapy benefits and finish off with American Tubs' key features.

American Tubs' Safety Features

American Tubs' Safety Features

Below is a rundown of the safety precautions taken in the designs and technologies present in American Tubs models. 

  • Low step-in.
  • Slip-resistant floors.
  • Safety U-bars and built-in safety bars: The U-bar placed conveniently over the door and close to the seat helps bathers, including wheelchair-bound users, to get in and out of the tub safely.
  • Anti-scald faucet set: The temperature lock integrated with the faucet set does not allow the bather to increase the water temperature past a certain threshold.
  • Emergency toe drain: Every second is critical in the case of emergencies, that's why a secondary pneumatic emergency button is placed in the foot rest that's easy to operate with the push of your toe.
  • Quick draining system: American Tubs' very own Hurry Drain system is exceptional at shaving off valuable minutes worth of waiting. Drain time with this system takes no more than 110 seconds.
  • The door drain catches excess leaks and keeps your bathroom floor hazard-free.
  • Wheelchair accessibility: Particular to American Tubs' product line (the LOVE series) whose models comprise of S-shaped outwardly swinging doors, making it easy for seat-to-seat lateral transfer. 

Care Series

Wheelchair accessibility

There are ten models of walk-in tubs belonging to the Care series and they all differ in terms of their sizes. The CARE 3555 is the largest model in this product line, measuring at 33"W x 55"L x 40"H with a water depth of 40" for bariatric users. The inward swinging S-shaped door gives way for legroom when opened to make entry/exit easy. With a comfortable contoured seat measuring 30.5" wide, this is the ultimate tub for interior spaciousness without feeling wedged in - a perfect precondition for when you need a bubble bath, water massage, or a soak

The CARE 3555 can be installed in traditional tub space in an apron front style setup (side-to-wall), making it go very well with decorative wall surrounds to spice up your bathroom.

Tub Specifications:

  • Size: 33"W x 55"L x 40"H x 40"D
  • Seat width: 30.5"
  • Door opening width: 24"
  • Interior length: 47"
  • Water capacity: 115 gallons
  • Colors available: White/biscuit
  • Drain location: L/R
  • Door orientation: L/R
  • Tub shell material: Fiberglass with Gelcoat finish
Love walk in tubs Series

Love Series

You can't put a price on love. The LOVE 3138 is a minimally compact model with a freestanding (back-to-wall) style of installation. This means that you can effectively place it anywhere in your bathroom in exchange for very little in installation costs. The LOVE 3138 is flexible, affordable, and out-of-the-box ready since all it requires is a water line connected to it with no major remodeling of any kind necessary. Thanks to its compactness, this walk-in bathtub can fit in a family bathroom where the old bathtub or shower stall needs to stay put.

Small does not necessarily mean less, as you can choose to have one of, or both of, the air massage and water massage features. Without feeling cluttered in the least you get to enjoy a walk-in tub loaded with features of your choice while making the most of what vacant bathroom space you have.

Tub Specifications:

  • Size: 33"W x 38"L x 38"H x 40"D
  • Seat width: 24"
  • Door opening width: 21"
  • Interior length: 31"
  • Water capacity: 45 gallons
  • Colors available: White
  • Drain location: L/R
  • Door orientation: L/R
  • Tub shell material: Fiberglass with Gelcoat finish

Sain Series

Sain Walk in tubs Series

This product line has only one model, the one and only SAIN 3055 which is the deepest model yet built by American Tubs. At 7" deeper than the CARE 3555 model, the SAIN 3055 accommodates to its taller users better than where traditional bathtubs failed. In a comfortable contoured seat with a slightly reclined backrest, you will feel taken care of, rejuvenated, and much more able for movement in the face of mobility challenges.

Tub Specifications:

  • Size: 33"W x 38"L x 38"H x 40"D
  • Seat width: 24.5"
  • Door opening width: 19"
  • Interior length: 46"
  • Water capacity: 100 gallons
  • Colors available: White/biscuit
  • Drain location: L/R
  • Door orientation: L/R
  • Tub shell material: Fiberglass with Gelcoat finish

American Tubs' Features

All the following convenience and hydrotherapy features can be incorporated into any model of American Tub's product lines. Some come with the tub as a standard while others are sold separately.

  • Whirlpool massage system: All the models can come with the optional whirlpool massage feature that's made up of six small water jets located in the backrest and four larger water jets surrounding you as you bathe. All the jets are adjustable, so you can direct their pressure for a deep tissue massage of certain parts of the body.  
  • In-line water heater: The whirlpool massage system comes with an in-line water heater that keeps the circulating water warm for the entire stretch.
  • The Syllent pumps ensure near-silent operation of the water pumps to maintain a peaceful atmosphere during a whirlpool massage session.
  • The air massage system is a smart piece of technology that does not only generate thousands of tiny bubbles for ultimate relaxation and cleanliness but keeps the tub hygienic with the use of a purge cycle - automatically activated 20 minutes after you leave the tub - to keep the air jets clean from bacteria. The air massage system comprises of 20 air jets that enhance your bathing experience.
    Learn more about the benefits of hydrotherapy.
  • Chromotherapy: The LED has six different colors, each of which is used to set the mood for your bath. The warm colors are said to be energizing while the cool colors are said to be calming agents.
  • Aromatherapy: The reservoir for scented beads sits on the walk-in tub's rim for you to enhance the atmosphere of your bath.
  • Thermotherapy: Special wiring (safer than copper) is built in the seat to add another level to your therapeutic benefit. 
  • Legs only massage: Ideal for diabetes bathers, the legs only massage feature allows you to fill the tub half-way to help treat diabetes symptoms by improving blood circulation and relieving pain. Learn more about the benefits of the legs only massage system.

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